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Want To See Change in Your Body? Nutrition Is KEY.

Yeah, that sounds boring and complex– hours spent reading labels and using measuring cups and scales and grocery shopping and foraging the aisles for lettuce nuts and berries. But look– no one ever said losing weight and looking magazine cover ready was easy. It’s not. It takes a time of serious dedication and sacrifice.

Great news is you’ve got a leg up– both P90X and Insanity come with their own nutrition guides– each with recipes and step-by-step calculators to help you determine how much– and more importantly–what KINDS of food to take in throughout your day. In short, it’s these two booklets that will make up 80% of anyone’s success in these programs. If you’re choosing to skip out on them and the nutritional jackpot they’re trying to pass on to you, you’ll have a very, very hard time achieving TV quality results.

In fact, most of the folks who are disappointed in their transformational progress or who claim the program didn’t work for them are folks who decided they’d simply eat what they wanted, or at best cut corners and sneak that treat, eat out all weekend, etc. and just do the workouts. They weren’t ready to fully commit to the nutrition and as result, they didn’t hit the goals they had in mind for themselves. You’ll never get “ripped” if you flub your nutrition. You can lose weight, but you’ll eventually plateau.

So where do you start?

First, open your nutrition guide and read it. Then, TRACK YOUR FOOD. There’s a lot of places you can do it, but as I’ve mentioned before, I like LiveStrong’s The Daily Plate. You can track your foods, servings, create recipes and even watch your protein/carb/fat ratio on an easy to track pie chart.

Tracking your food allows you to control your calories and keep them in the ranges that will be most beneficial for you in your weight loss goals. Don’t worry- this won’t last forever. Soon you’ll get a feel for what your body needs but in the first few months- track everything. How will you know if you’re hitting your “Fat Shredder” 50 protein, 30 carb 20 fat macro-nutrient requirements if you’re just throwing together and guessing at a breakfast of oatmeal with some milk and fruit and stuff. Depending on your serving sizes, that could be a 300-600 calorie breakfast…and over five meals a day, that “600” will add up quickly– especially if you’re trying for 2000 calories or so. So TRACK IT.

After all, you didn’t get into this because it was easy. You didn’t get into this to have “OK” results. You got into this to make a transformation. You got into this to drop jaws at home and on the beach. And the way you’re going to get there is hard work and sacrifice beyond taking an hour a day to sweat through some intense workouts.

Stick to the nutrition guide, take in the right amount of calories and for the love of all that’s holy– eat as clean as humanely possible those first few months of your program.

For a little more help, I’ve attached a copy of what’s called “Michi’s Ladder” below– it’s a list of  low-glycemic  foods– the kind that don’t set off your internal “fat-storing” alarms–you can eat  all day long. (In proper portion sizes and in accordance with your macro-nutrient requirements, of course). The list is pretty broad and includes lots of good stuff. You can find the full list rundown here, but for those just starting, these are the kind of foods you want to be taking in and the list also makes a great reference “when in doubt”.

By using Michi’s Ladder, your program’s nutritional guide and tracking your food intake, you’ll see faster results, you’ll feel better and you’ll find yourself popping eyeballs when your journey’s through.

And as always… got questions? Ask below!

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