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Fire-It-Up Fitness Motivation: NOW

No matter what your fitness level, no matter what your checkered past might be with staying consistent in that fat-torching or muscle building program, there’s always the prospect of NOW. NOW begins change. NOW puts your past defeats behind you. NOW puts your future success in front of you. Whether new and taking that first […]

Examples of Body Fat Percentage

Body Fat. We all want to obliterate it, melt it, burn it off and send it packing. Body fat has its place but in excess it clogs things up, squeezes important organs and pretty much gives us an express ticket to low self confidence, illness and at worst an early out from this world to […]

When It Comes To Fitness, The Secret Is In The Doing

Simple truth: There’s really only one difference between a physique we see and “wish” we could look like and the one we’re facing in the mirror every morning: The act of doing.
They put in the hours. You haven’t.
They regulated what they ate. You didn’t.
They dedicated themselves to the goal. You didn’t.
They didn’t give up. You […]

Aspirational Indoctrination: A Key To Achieving Your Fitness Goals

I know. The title of this post sounds all sociological/that-doesn’t-make-any-sense-oligoical. This might be due to the fact I just made the phrase up but bear with me. If you’re after a fitness goal, if you’re trying to get ripped, build muscle, tone up or just use exercise as a fail safe against ripping pant seams […]

Eating Clean: Kickin’ Honey Citrus Salmon

Salmon. I love it.
This cold-water fish is the fatty, juicy indulgent delicacy that you don’t have to feel guilty about. You have a few choices when you go for salmon- farm raised or wild caught. Farm raised tend to be fattier and softer and, well, “farmed”, while wild tends to be a little more firm […]

5 Rules To Keep Your Fitness Resolutions

With each New Year, millions of people come out of the starting blocks fired up and eyes on the goal ready to make their fitness and weight loss dreams come true. Tried hitting up your local gym lately? It’s like throwing down in a tightly packed 64 color crayon box. Check back in a few […]

P90X3- Fitness Accelerated…It’s Here!

P90X3 is now available! The question is, with so many options… how are you going to X3?
Want to know more about P90X3, its workouts and all the details? Visit the P90X3 Q & A here.

P90X3 Challenge Pack
Retail Price: $205 (December Promotional Price: $180)

P90X3 Base Kit
30-Day Supply of Shakeology HD
30-Day VIP Team Beachbody […]

How Much is P90X3? Kit Options and Pricing

Hear that? P90X3 is knocking at the door! But how much does will it cost? As usual, that depends on your “kit”. To help you prep for what P90X3 kit you might be interested in starting with, I’ve listed the options and pricing below.
As a quick note, the Base Kit does NOT come with the […]

Body Beast Expectations- 5 Things You Should Know

Body Beast has been in the wild for a bit over a year now and continues to gain interest from both the Dudes and the Ladies. I get a lot of questions about it and truth is, I haven’t coached or met anyone who’s started it and hasn’t loved it (myself included).
Of course, the name […]

Army Guys And Ostriches: Finding Your Fitness Jump-Start

So I was talking to my buddy Jeff the other day. As a West Point guy who previously served as a Captain in the US Army, he has a great way of cutting through the clutter and getting right to the point. We were talking excuses, motivation and combining the two in helping people find […]