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If I’m Doing P90X, Do I HAVE To Do Yoga?

Well, you don’t HAVE to. You don’t HAVE to eat clean either. You don’t HAVE to push yourself. You don’t HAVE to work out. You Don’t HAVE to “Bring it”. But you should.

I know, I know. When it comes to P90X, Yoga is the great divider. Where other P90X workouts give you cut and dry move blocks to complete, Yoga X meanders and flows with what seems, at times, no clear destination. I mean, let’s be honest: it’s the loooongest workout in the series, clocking in at that whopping hour and a half. Plus, Yoga’s always been associated with tree-hugging, Zen-spirituality and rooms full of ladies and Grannies– Dudes aren’t too keen on it. Couple those mental barriers with the fact it’s FULL of lactic-acid burning, long hold moves that test patience and balance and that first 45 minutes of downward dogs and vinyasas repeated the infinite millionth degree? Your Yoga mental barrier has been padlocked, steel-bolted and password protected with armed guards.

Believe me, I get it. I, like many dudes, avoided Yoga X like the pair of unknown undies lying on the locker room floor, subbing it out with Cardio X, Core Synergistics, a run, a trip to the dentist, being chased by a pack of rabid junk yard dogs– anything to avoid Warrior poses. BUT…

Repent, You

The more I’ve thought about Yoga and experienced the aches and growing pains of performance fitness, the more I’ve realized I was wrong in my initial Yoga X cringing and some serious repentance was in order.

Yoga X boils down to more than a workout– it’s a mental game. It’s a balance game and for those who are new to Yoga, it’s a frustrating “I can’t do this too well” game. That’s OK– Yoga X is in place to build balance, to bring your muscles into synchronous control and to work on the smaller issues we skip when we’re pounding out bicep curls and shoulder presses. It’s time to look at Yoga X as a mid-week gift. Sure Yoga X is tough and can be frustrating, yeah– but you WILL become more flexible, which helps with lifting and other activities. You WILL become less prone to injury and pulls as your body becomes more limber.  You WILL become stronger and see your stamina improve. Aren’t those worth it? Heck yes, they are– even Shaun T. uses Yoga moves in his Insanity stretches.

So here’s the most common excuse as to why people might avoid Yoga X… and how to get your mind around them:

But I’m Not Working!

Then you’re doing it wrong. Sure, Yoga doesn’t leave you out of breath and is much lower impact than say, Plyometrics. But if you’re not feeling some serious burn and/or drenching your floor in sweat from sustained effort, you’re faking it. Get down into those poses. Feel that burn. Focus that body and MAKE it do what you want it to do. I assure you– Yoga can be intense.

It’s Too Long!

Amen. I agree in spirit. In a program where you’re used to 60 -70 minutes per workout, that extra 20-30 minutes can seem like for…ev…VUR. Some days you may not be able to make it and if you’re really anti Yoga and refuse to even consider it thanks to its 1:30 running time.  If this is you, some Yoga is better than no Yoga and you have two options:

Plan A: Do the first 45 minutes and call it good. Again… you can DO THE FIRST 45 MINUTES AND CALL IT GOOD. You’ll get more benefit than you know and can legitimately cut it short while having received some pretty awesome benefits.

Plan B: Pick up Yoga- Fountain of Youth. Because of the general cries of “Nooooooo!”, this shortened One on One DVD began shipping with newer copies of P90X. See, Yoga is so important, Beachbody is GIVING alternatives to make it easier to fit into your schedule. Fountain of Youth is just as effective and, bonus!! –45 minutes shorter.

I Can’t Do It!

Well there’s a crappy attitude. Of course you can do it. May take some stumbling. May take a few weeks but DOING builds progress. If we all said “I can’t do it”, none of us would be walking, talking or even seeing progress in P90X. I’ll say it again– you CAN do it. And when you’re stable, strong and can take a nap while holding Reverse Warrior for 20 minutes straight, you’ll look back at the feeble “I can’t” and call it out for being a Sissy.

So there’s the long answer. Do you HAVE to do Yoga? No- but if you don’t you’re losing out. SHOULD you do Yoga?  Yes– and hopefully these tips have taken away some barriers so you can put down the excuses and get there. TRUST THE P90X PROGRAM, put your prejudice aside and do Yoga X.

To plug in, keep the patience, stay the course and stay accountable (Yoga included!) for awesome results, email me at or make me your free coach right here

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  1. Noel Price says:

    I wish I was one of these that loved yoga but it’s not in the cards. On the other had Fountain of Youth was the alternative that I needed!

  2. audrey says:

    15 mins into yoga x and im hating it,pressed pause and googled ” do i have to do yoga x?” and up pops your link ,i still dont really want to do it but after reading your post im going to make myself..grrrr!!
    i’ll be glad when im done
    Thank You

    • Coach Dan V. says:

      Hey Audrey– Great job on “making it happen” and glad the post helped! Yoga may not be fun right off the bat… but I bet you’ll grow to really like it. I’ll shoot you a few hints in an email. Thanks for checking in with us!

  3. Bryan says:

    Halfway done in yoga and it sure is killing my knees. I’m not too flexible, although I try to do most of them. I can’t keep up with tony sometimes though lol, I think its just my extra body fat getting in the way. I take my time, but I’m going to do it today to get rid of the pain I got from plyo.

    • Coach Dan V. says:

      Thanks for the comment, Bryan!

      Great job on pushing through Yoga- definitely not a huge favorite in the P90X line-up but on that pays itself off. Don’t worry about keeping up- as Tony says, “Do your best and forget the rest”. Yoga helps, no doubt about it. Great job!

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