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Shakeology Respectfully Flips Jamba Juice The Bird

“It’s too expensive.” With that three word response right there, you’re looking at the main roadblock to people not trying Shakeology. With a standard price of over $100 a bag, Shakeology does give some people sticker shock at first glance. But at roughly $4.00 a serving or less (10% off as a Team Beachbody Member and 25% off as a coach), it’s still the same cost as most any other meal-per-serving and an infinitely better nutritional value than a sugar-soaked smoothie or a cup of Whipped Fat-A-Cino.

That said– I’m definitely not one to pass judgment on budgets. Everybody has a limit on what they believe something is worth and there’s absolutely no shame in that. Still, between cost-per-serving compared to about any other meal, I happen to believe Shakeology is worth every penny. In most cases, it’s already planed for in most folks’ food budget– albeit in the form of other foods or snacks.

Ether way, here’s some food for thought from Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler. It’s obviously a “sell” and the comparison is close to becoming cliche but whether or not Shakeology wants to go to fisticuffs with everyone’s favorite juice bar/coffee house, there’s an apt comparison going on here:

Shakeology is the real deal, remains unrivaled and it’s delicious to boot. To check Shakeology out, request a free sample or better yet order it here


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