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Here’s Some Motivation: The Beachbody Million Dollar Body Game

If you needed motivation to push yourself with P90X, this is it: The Beachbody Million Dollar Body Game. There’s no question working out and getting fit with P90X has its own rewards but there’s nothing quite like a fat wad of cash as icing on the cake for your efforts– and there’s a $25,000 wad of cash waiting for tranformational winners coming up in January.

So here’s the short of it: Beginning in January 2011 (that’s only 3 weeks away), P90Xers will have the chance to submit their before and after pictures for the Million Dollar Body Game to the Beachbody Facebook community. Fans will vote on winners from both male and female age brackets (18-29/30-39/40-49/50+). The winner will receive $25,000 and a trip to LA for the Beachbody Coach summit.

But it’s not just for P90Xers. Along with the Brazil Butt Lift program, that’s just the first month. Each Beachbody fitness program will receive their own opportunity to win competing with others doing that same program in the months to follow.

Check out the video for more detail and I’m telling you– if you push yourself and BRING IT, there’s no reason any one of you can’t win the Million Dollar Body Game– would that not be AWESOME to see someone from our Team take this sucker? Personally, I can think of a word that rhymes with bar, far and tar that could instantly benefit my family with a $25,000 bonus– what about you?

Keep rockin’ it and check out Beachbody on Facebook for the latest and greatest.


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