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Can I Work Out When I’m Pregnant? MC Did…

Pregnancy is the real deal– full of changes, new feelings, amazement, miracles and new levels of discomfort. But when it comes to me doling out advice on workout out while pregnant, you’ll need to talk to your Doctor and let them have the final say.
But I do know pregnancy is often an “excuse” where one […]

In Your Fitness, It’s You Versus…

Internet motivation videos are a dime a dozen but sometimes there’s one that comes along (or in this case… came along a couple years ago) to take the words right out of my mouth.But in this case, the narrator’s voice is way cooler than mine.
When it comes to the goals and drive you had to […]

Feeling Uninspired? Check This Dude Out.

One thing I’d thought about doing when I started P90X was taking a picture a day and “fast-forwarding” through the 90 days to show my pot-gut getting blowtorched into six pack city in “real time”.
I didn’t do it. Sigh.
But this guy? He DID and it’s pretty awesome to see where he starts dropping fat and […]

Tony Horton Chats P90X With The Gamer Set– Drops Bombs

So… Tony “P90X2” Horton. Love him or want to put earplugs in, I’m a fan. The dude is down to earth and a genuinely cool guy which you can get a pretty decent glimpse of with this interview he recently did on G4’s “Attack of The Show”. But look– you know me, I’m not just […]

Progress Pictures

There’s a couple ways people approach their P90X or Insanity fitness experience. A lot of folks simply jump right in, cranking away at the workouts and chasing the six pack dream– and while there’s no shame in that, it’s also important to remember to PREPARE your way to success. One of the ways to do […]

Coach Dan’s P90X Results Video (IE- Better Late Than Never)

For years I’ve been meaning to make a video about how P90X worked for me and had all kinds of potential to work for anyone who dedicated themselves to the program and tried it. Almost half-a-half-decade later (decade always makes things sound longer), it’s done and out there.
The take away is this: You CAN do […]

P90X: At Any Moment, Someone Has Your Back

P90X is a program virtually anyone can do by diving in headfirst or making a few modifications. And that’s the beauty of it. Despite the arrival of its sequel, P90X2, there’s no doubt living rooms across the country (and world) will be filled with people giving P90X Classic a try for the first time this […]

Foam Rolling: Your Muscle Recovery’s New BFF

See that right there? It’s not a torture device or sadistic war club– it’s a foam roller. Foam rolling (or if you want to sound like a smarty-pants: SMFR–Self-Myifacial Release) has been a “secret weapon” up to now– something prescribed by rehabilitation docs, trainers and lovers of healing through pain.
Oh, yes– pain.
But we’ll get to […]

P90X2 Compared To P90X: The Movie

A while back I posted the P90X2 Top 10 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Most of that post covered the differences between P90X and P90X2… and there’s a few. However, if you’re not into stuff like “reading” and “words” and like your information served up motion picture style, this post is for you. And hey–even if […]

Increase Your P90X Pull Up Count

Pull ups are kind of a point of pride… and they should be. Search You Tube and you’ll find countless examples of people throwing down with pull ups both correctly (focusing on lifting with the back, pulling with the lats, with full extensions) and incorrectly (going halfway down, kipping the heck out of it and […]