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Coach Dan’s P90X Results Video (IE- Better Late Than Never)

For years I’ve been meaning to make a video about how P90X worked for me and had all kinds of potential to work for anyone who dedicated themselves to the program and tried it. Almost half-a-half-decade later (decade always makes things sound longer), it’s done and out there.
The take away is this: You CAN do […]

Nicki’s KILLER P90X Transformation: P90X For Boys? Puh-lease.

We’ve seen some great P90X transformations here at How Do I Get Fit but they’ve always been kind of guy focused– after all, P90X is for dudes, right? WRONG. I’ve posted on the P90X’s lady-friendly, fat-torching benefits before but rest assured, P90X will hand-deliver results to anyone with dedication and persistence. If you’re looking for P90X […]

Ken S. Took P90X And Crushed It

Since we’re a team of like-minded folks out to improve both our outlook on life and our fit in a swimsuit, I wanted to keep everyone updated on others progress and successes. Meet Ken S.
Like many of us, Ken was in it to win it– fit and focused on staying that way. As the years […]

Obligatory P90X Mirror Photo: Coach Dan Circa Day 180

OK. I’m pretty sure I need to start working on my “Smile For The Camera Face”.
That aside, here’s me at 180 days-ish of P90X. I’ve been able to put on a little more mass and definition and am *this* close to where I really want to be. As usual, I can’t say enough about the […]

P90X 90 Day Transformation: “Coach” Dan

Hey, it’s me! Yeah, I’ve been reeeeeally slow to post up my 90 day pics (considering my 90 day –part II–was almost 3 months ago), but as surprising as it may be, I’m a little “shy” in the shirtless picture department. Still, Everyone’s asked if I have my updated pictures and I’ve finally got around […]

Drew’s P90X/Insanity Journey: There And Back

Drew is a member of the team from Nevada who, just a few months ago, injured his knee after battling his way to a 65 lb. weight loss. If you were to think that stopped him, you’d be wrong. Introducing Drew’s inspiring story… as told by Drew himself.
The Wake-Up Call
In January, 2010, my buddy […]

Aaron’s P90X Progress at Day 60

30 some-odd Days ago we posted up Aaron’s 30 Day P90X Progress pictures. 30 some-odd days later and despite a shoulder injury–which he scolded and sent to its room without any dinner– Aaron pressed on and at Day 60 his dedication is still being rewarded.

Aaron’s face continues to thin out, his stomach is still waving […]

Brad’s P90X Progress at Day 30

Since we’re a team of like-minded folks out to improve both our outlook on life and our fit in a swimsuit, I wanted to keep everyone updated on other’s progress and successes.
Meet Brad C. As it turns out, Brad C. is awesome, straight from the UK and representing it real proper-like.

Brad began P90X […]