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Eating Clean: The 5 Minute Breakfast Sandwich

Grabbing breakfast on the go is tough. It’s the meal to set your day off right and reset your body’s equilibrium after a night of “fasting through sleep”… but if you’re on the go, sometimes it’s not all that easy. Which is kinda why I love this recipe. This 5-Minute Breakfast Sandwich is something I […]

Eating Clean: Pancake Breakfast. That’s Right…. Pancakes

Pancakes, Griddle Cakes, Hot Cakes or my personal favorite: Flapjacks. Whatever you want to call the quick-bread favorite, the easy-bake best pal of the butter & syrup combo has been a breakfast staple since pre-historia. True story. But this is HDIGF and in this recipe, we’re giving the straight-arm to all the butter and syrup […]

Eating Clean: Incredibly Tasty Vegan Burritos

First, a confession: I’m not “vegan”. Another confession: I always had the idea going “vegan” was a trip to the nearest forest for a day of gathering nuts, berries and leaves to throw into a nasty mishmash that would somehow, some way, incorporate hemp. Of course, that’s not really true but where whole, plant-based foods […]

Eating Clean: Pizza-ey Stuffed Portobello

I dig Pizza. I freakin’ LOVE it… on occasion. Sadly, this isn’t pizza– but it’s still -D-A-N-G good. Surprisingly, even. I’ve mentioned I’m steering from a meat-heavy diet to one that incorporates a lot more “vegan-ism” to it. Don’t roll your eyes at me– I just can’t fathom eating another round of lean roast beef […]

Eating Clean: The P90X Lovin’ Beef Burrito That Keeps on Giving

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a recipe up and while claiming red meat as “clean” might be a stretch for some folks, we’re going baby steps here and this meal… well, this meal is one that should keep you rocking left-overs for at least a week. This Burrito is a little off the […]

Eating Clean: Peanut Butter Shrimp

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again– I like things simple for clean, quick, nutrition packed meals that meet daily macronutrient (protein/carb/fats) goals. That said, I like the peanut butter… and Thai dishes with peanut butter sauces even better. Thing is,  Thai dishes aren’t always the most healthy but that doesn’t mean we […]

Eating Clean: Quinoa and Black Bean Chili

Man, I love Quinoa. As a carb, I’ve always used it to replace brown rice and pasta for a clean, protein-packed, nutritionally dense side dish but… just a few nights ago my lovely Lady-Friend (Coach MC, of course) gave Quinoa a whole new life with a meat-free chili recipe. It’s obviously higher in carbs but […]

Eating Clean: Tuna Apple Salad w/ Almonds

When it comes to nutrition and making sure the food you’re taking in is nice and “clean”, you have boatloads of recipe options. Still, not all of them are quick and/or easy. While nutrition guides line up some AWESOME meals… let’s be honest, some recipes (as delicious as they are) can be time-intensive, require lots […]

Accidental Dinner Discovery: Pork Tenderloin and Pear Compote

Last night, I kinda shocked myself. We had a flat of pork loins in the refrigerator we needed to get rid of and man, lean pork can be dry and tasteless. So I went to work on making it flavorful and… it actually turned out nutritionally clean,  protein-packed and awesome. I’m not saying I need […]

Mid-Morning Snack: Protein Packed Fage Yogurt Parfait

Easy, portable snacks can be hard to come by. Yeah, you can eat protein bars and protein shakes but it’s nice to get some “whole food” in there every once in a while. So here’s a quick, delicious, portable,  filling and macro-nutrient packed snack I eat almost every single day.
Greek Yogurt Parfait
(2) 6 oz. Fage […]