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Breakfast Sausage Recipe

Eating Clean: Breakfast Sausage
Breakfast sausage has always been a greasy, artery clogging breakfast staple of the typical “country breakfast” variety. And sure it can taste great but sausage hasn’t typically ever lined up with the goals of eating clean and avoiding ground up “mystery meat”. But hey- if you think you can’t get your morning […]

The Truth About Eating 5-6 Six Meals A Day

As you undergo a fitness program like P90X, Insanity or Les Mills Pump, the nutrition guides all share a common theme: eat six small meals a day.  Eating six small meals a day has become the go-to recommendation for the fitness world in general but comes with a pretty big misconception– a misconception that’s somehow […]

Cheat Meals– Taboo or “Yahooooo”?

Cheat meals are a hot topic. You’ve got one side that equates a cheat meals with kicking the dog or drowning kittens and you’ve got the other who prop it up as a point of sanity and keeping your body in check to avoid your metabolism and hypothalamus “normalizing”.
Thing is, they’re both well intentioned. Well, […]

5 Good Carbs For The Body You Want

Good carbs vs. Bad Carbs. It’s a battle of the ages (or at least, the last few years) and one where most people find themselves caught standing in the middle. And the “good/bad”simplification doesn’t help either–Good Carbs/Bad Carbs is so general as to be confusing to itself. After all, what qualifies a carb as “bad” […]

Nutrition Guides- The Trick To Not Thinking Yourself Stupid

OK, so we’re pursuing fitness and nutrition and using the internet- aka the information fire hose – to help. Which is great because it brought you here (fist-bump-to-bro-hug from me to you) but can also be a little bit of a doubled edged cutting tool. To put it short and sweet, too much information can […]

Six Pack Secrets For P90X & Asylum Results: Ken’s “Lazy Guy Diet”

Another nutrition post? BLEEP yes another nutrition post!!
Nutrition is the difference between results and RESULTS. And Fit Spot! member Ken? He’s got RESULTS.
Can I get a “Bam!?”:

At 45 years old, Ken’s used P90X, P90X2 and Asylum Volume 2 to reach his fitness goals and create a physique that’s envied by dudes half his age.  Since […]

Macronutrition vs. Micronutrition & Your Beachbody Program

Macronutrition vs. Micronutrition? Could there be a less sexy title? Not likely. Hey, I know when we’re talking about nutrition, things can get a little confusing and a lot bit “Wah wah wah wah… wah wah“. Nutrition is the one topic most of us  think we understand but then fumble with when kicking off a […]

Should I Work Out On An Empty Stomach?

FROM THE VAULT: Nine times out of ten, I totally recommend working out in the mornings. Of course, the next question is: “Should I work out on an empty stomach”? While working out in the morning DOES have its advantages (particularly the fact you get it out of the way so you can work your day […]

Nutrition On The Go

If there’s one part of getting fit and torching fat many people find mystifying, it’s how to eat while doing their program to get maximum visible benefit. Eating right amidst a busy schedule is a pretty common issue and one that keeps a lot of people from finishing their program. After all, slack  nutrition (same […]

Eating Clean: Spaghetti

Spaghetti is a good old fashioned, quick-fixin’ American dinner stand-by. But just because you’re working out doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. Just enjoy it smart by using a portion size of the right pasta, making your own sauce or picking one that’s got a good nutrition profile without all the added sugar and preservatives. […]