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Not Making Fitness Progress? Stay Calm and Read On!

If there’s one fitness roadblock I’d love to run out of town on a rail, it’s the “I’m not seeing any change” issue. It’s a very, very common concern and one I totally sympathize with (I was there at one point)- but that doesn’t make it any less of a punk that has the insidious […]

HDIGF’s Top 10 P90X and Insanity Motivational Posts

I’m not sure if it’s the change in the weather, the change in schedules or people running into weeks 3-6 but I’ve been receiving a lot of notes lately asking for motivation. And that’s good! It means they’re invested and WANT to see success. Of course, that’s what I’m here for and by plugging in […]

Best Fitness Tips- Advice From The Real World

So you get plenty of advice and “Best Fitness Tips” from me here at HDIGF. Hopefully you take it to heart but you know, sometimes I get sick of hearing myself too. So this post is a bit different. I recently asked my team a question:
If someone asked, “What’s the best fitness tip you could […]

Fire It Up! Work Your Workout Edition

Often imitated but never duplicated, it’s another midweek round of HDIGF’s mostly original and always motivational Fire It Up fitness images and quotes- aka, unrefined 100% organic Motivisualization.
This week’s theme was caught hanging around the water cooler spiking the jug with E & E and yapping about the best time to work out. We recently […]

Imagine Your Transformation: They Did It, So Can You!

There’s a reason I post my P90X before and after pic at the top of the HDIGF home page. It’s not because I enjoy ripping my shirt off and taking instagram “selfies” in my bathroom. That It’s not to show what I can do… it’s to inspire. My picture is there to show you what […]

Secrets to Being Productive With Your Fitness Goals

When it comes to your fitness and making time for it in your life –heck, even getting it done to meet your goals– I find a lot of people struggle around “making it happen”. Excuses are unfortunately easy and since we aren’t movie stars or models who have hours a day to train in preparation […]

Thinking Positively: Why It’s Important and How To Do It

I’m not sure if you went out and braved the crowds on Black Friday or not, but man– with clogged traffic, huge crowds and sanity-testing lines, that stuff can be bonkers. Still, my experience interacting with people out doing the same thing was a great one. I found myself joking with folks I’d never met, […]

Insanity Inspiration: Meet “P”

Dedication to fitness can be tough. Life happens, temptations abound, we get tired… there’s a whole list of reasons it can be tough. But I wanted to share with you a story of a woman I was recently lucky enough to meet. We’ll call her “P” for now but she is an amazing example of […]

Pushing It

OK, posting a picture of a pool of your sweat (not an “accident”) after a hard-fought workout might be kind of gross but in some respects it’s an indicator of effort. The more we push (in P90X, Asylum, Insanity or ANY activity), the more we tend to keep sweating, the more our bodies are working, […]

Time is Your Friend- Don’t Make It Your Enemy

I’ve written about it before but too many times I see people jump into their P90X or Insanity program with a full head of steam ready to commit and succeed. They’re in it to win it for the first few days and then disappear and fall off the radar by the end of the first […]