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Backpack-O-Rama: Add More Resistance To Your P90X Workout

If you’re familiar with HDIGF and have been following the site/receiving my Coach updates and check-ins you’ve probably heard the term “Backpack-O-Rama“. While some folks have come up with workout programs using names like “Body Shred Muscle Grater” or “Tsunami of Cyclone Fury”, with “Backpack-O-Rama” (BPOR) Iwent a different route. Still, the name is hyper-scientific […]

Chin Up Max Review

“My pull ups suck”.  How many times have you (or did you) say that to yourself in the first weeks and months of your program? I know I did. Pull ups are hard, man! And they’re even harder when you’re doing them right and isolating the back without (or with minimal) help of your arms. […]

Rumbler Roller Will Change You

I posted on my adventures of discovering the mini-miracle of the Rumble Roller not too long ago, but a fellow coach posted a comic the other day I thought was pretty apt and kinda funny even… so I’m passing it along. Those who have the roller know what we’re talkin’ about. Those who don’t… click […]

Pull Up Help: The Band “Aid” Tip

We’ve hit on up the subject of pulls ups and how to improve them (<— a must-read) in a few previous posts but getting more (or even one) is always a hot topic and one of HDIGF’s most frequently asked questions. Makes sense because pull ups never really get easier– one more pull up past your […]

Tales of The Rumble Roller!

P90X2 has incorporated the foam roller into its workouts but I’m here to tell you– no matter what program you’re on… you need to get one. And if you can swing it, I highly recommend the Rumble Roller— with its indentations and ability to “dig deep”- in particular. After all, most high-impact training systems (P90X, […]

Foam Rolling: Your Muscle Recovery’s New BFF

See that right there? It’s not a torture device or sadistic war club– it’s a foam roller. Foam rolling (or if you want to sound like a smarty-pants: SMFR–Self-Myifacial Release) has been a “secret weapon” up to now– something prescribed by rehabilitation docs, trainers and lovers of healing through pain.
Oh, yes– pain.
But we’ll get to […]

Track REAL Progress With This EASY Online Fat Measurement Tool

When it comes to P90X, P90X2, Insanity, Asylum or even Slim in 6 or Hip-Hop Abs, Rule # 1 is this: we’re not targeting weight, we’re  that ooey-gooey muscle mayo hamburger/pizza/soda binges have slathered over your body and packed into spots that make us look less “pleasantly plump” than “lumpy in all the wrong places”. […]

Increase Your P90X Pull Up Count

Pull ups are kind of a point of pride… and they should be. Search You Tube and you’ll find countless examples of people throwing down with pull ups both correctly (focusing on lifting with the back, pulling with the lats, with full extensions) and incorrectly (going halfway down, kipping the heck out of it and […]

Weights Vs. Bands- Which Should I Use?

If you’re taking a run at P90X or Insanity’s sequel “Asylum“, you know you’re going to need some resistance equipment for maximum muscle sculpting action. You have a few choices if you’re not going Caveman style with rocks and tree branches: dumbbell-style weights or resistance bands. And just because they’re so awesomely inclusive, both programs […]

Welcome to The Dungeon: (Creating A Place Your Workouts Can Call Home)

You know what’s awesome about P90X? Or Insanity? Or Turbofire? Or Slim in Six, etc.? You can go from workout to shake to shower in under 10  minutes flat. No driving. No getting the “You look weird doing Dive Bomber pushups on the gym floor” look from strangers. Yeah, working out at home has all […]