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P90X Certified Challenge Groups

What can’t I say about P90X? It’s the program that “brung me”– a  top to bottom, turn key solution for not only getting fit, but getting ripped and truly athletically elite. It’s tough, its effective and with success stories aplenty and an almost 10 year history to hang its hat on, there’s no doubt if […]

The Secret Menu of Your Success

I’ll admit… sometimes I get a craving for an In-n-Out Burger.
Say WHA!??
I know that’s dangerous to say as a coach but in my opinion, In-n-Out makes one of the best burgers out there thanks to a “secret menu” and a special spread called “animal style”.
Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t eat burgers every other […]

Choosing A Beachbody Coach

There’s a lot of Beachbody Coaches out there with more jumping on board every day. And before you get the idea this is going to be me putting myself out there as better than others, that’s totally not the case. There are a lot of great Beachbody Coaches who are passionate about helping people get […]

Beachbody Coaching: It’s For Real

Any time I mention Beachbody Coaching, people start getting nervous, looking away, shoving their hands into their pockets and start going through their excuse list. They rattle off a list about how they don’t want to “sell” friends and family, despite talking about P90X and their results with people already.
I’m not into the hard sell– […]

Beachbody Coaching: Scam or Legit

First off, I won’t leave you hanging… it’s 100% legit.
This is a longer post but stick with it– it could truly change the direction of your life.
Obviously, I’m a Beachbody Coach but my journey to this place wasn’t a quick decision. In fact, it took me a loooong time (a year plus) and a LOT […]