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Fit 2 FAQ: P90X Protein Bars and No Workout Soreness

Fitness 2 F-A-Q! Did you miss it? Of course you did. Or maybe you didn’t… either way, my feelings ain’t hurt. But I bet there’s something in here you that if you didn’t know already, might make you go “Hmmmmm…”. That’s right, I’m here to serve, friend. So let’s get started!
P90X Peak Performance Protein Bars
Question: […]

Ultimate Reset Science Results

Eating right and well is something that can be tough to do and even tougher to learn to do right. Unless you have a bit of guidance, it’s very easy to “eat healthy” when in fact you’re kind of not. I get a lot of responses to the question “How’s your nutrition” that go a […]

Rest and Recovery Formula Alternatives

So yesterday I wrote about the little experiment I did with the P90X Results and Recovery Formula and came to the subjective conclusion it was magical because Recovery Formula does what it says (replenishes, repairs and reduces soreness) for not only P90X users but Insanity, Asylum, Body Beast, TurboFire… well, you get the drift. And […]

Recovery Formula For Soreness- Does It Really Work?

Recovery Formula. You see it advertised at the end of your workouts and I cover it in deep, ridiculous detail here. What I haven’t done is actually give my personal experience with the “orange nectar”… which seems strange since I’ve been using it for ooooooh, ever (which roughly translates into about three Dan years).
Of course, […]

Raw Protein (Garden of Life) Review- UPDATED with Chocolate & Vanilla Flavors

Protein powder supplements are everywhere and can usually be broken down into two basic categories: Animal based (whey, egg) and plant based (pea, brown rice, hemp). Some are good, some are bad and some are just basement level powdered animal feed infused with junk. It’s tough to know what you’re getting in your protein powder […]

Body Beast- The Official Supplement List

Body Beast information is coming fast and furious which means the at-home Body Beast Body Building launch is imminent… and as promised, it’s update central. This weeks update: Supplements. And oh, with a mass building program you knew they were coming!
Cool thing is Body Beast has inspired a whole new line of  Beachbody supplements built […]

Supplements- Do You Need Them?

Walk into any GNC or Vitamin Shoppe and there’s no doubt Nutritional Supplements play a major role in not only the journey of getting fit and looking awesome but also in fueling their very own niche economy. Supplements are big money and heavily advertised with each being touted as incredibly effective and an absolute game-changer.  […]

Whey Protein: Choose Your Whey Wisely

All whey proteins are not created equal. That bargain basement priced tub you found for a screaming deal at the local gas station (is there anywhere that doesn’t sell some form of whey protein these days?) may not be the whey you’re looking for. Sure, it’s whey… but what kind? There’s a virtual island nation […]

Should You Take Recovery Formula Before Bed? Yes, No… Maybe So.

Recovery Formula is some good stuff based on breakthrough sports science. And while it’s easy to take in the morning when there’s plenty of benefit to working out before the day gets started , what happens when you need to work out at night and that happens to be just before you go to bed? […]

Review: E & E– Energy and Endurance (Beachbody)

If you’ve spent any time strolling through muscle building forums, supplement shops or GNC, pre-workout supplements are HUGE business. Jack3d, 1 MR and N.O-Xplode are some of the better known names but virtually every supplement company has offered up their own concoction for a little workout boost, all of which aim to give you faster […]