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Success Stories

Spotters In Action- Real Fitness, Real Inspiration

We’ve got some great people on the HDIGF Fit Spot team, or as we like to call them “Spotters”. People who inspire others, make it a point to extend a hand and live the mantra “Do Your Best and Forget the Rest”.
So of course, it begs the question… “If you were to boil down your […]

Imagine Your Transformation: They Did It, So Can You!

There’s a reason I post my P90X before and after pic at the top of the HDIGF home page. It’s not because I enjoy ripping my shirt off and taking instagram “selfies” in my bathroom. That It’s not to show what I can do… it’s to inspire. My picture is there to show you what […]

Built Like A Tank: Chase’s P90X Success

Chase had it good. Ex Football player. Ex Rugby player. Ex Army. Built like the tanks he drove in the Armored Cav, Chase never had much trouble staying fit and keeping the pounds at bay. Chase was Bringing It all day every!

Of course, life happens and by his 30s, Chase was dealing with desk jobs […]

Scott’s Story: Getting Ripped? Great. Improving Your Health? Priceless.

This isn’t necessarily the success story you’re used to. It’s better.
When you think of cleaning up your nutrition and working out, the first thing that probably comes to mind is regaining your physique. You know, going from soft to sexy and roly-poly to ripped. And that’s well and good but often the new muscles and […]

Asylum Helps Lisa Exceed Expectations In First Triathlon

A fit and cover-ready physique is a nice benefit it comes to completing Beachbody programs but there’s no doubt Real World Results are the holy grail of what we’re after here at HDIGF. In addition to less body fat, more muscle and that six pack you’ve been missing since, well.. may ever, Real World Results […]

Anthony “A-Money” + Asylum = AAA Performance

Meet Anthony “A-Money” T.– founding Fit Spot! Member and all around cool guy who earned some FANTASTIC results with The Asylum (Shaun T.’s 30-day sports performance program follow-up to Insanity ). And the best part? He’s not even done yet.
As a student attending George Mason University, Anthony was all about a juggling a lifestyle split […]

Shakeology And Real-World Results

One of the benefits I receive from being part of a group of like-minded Beachbody coaches are the every day, real-world results I get to see as people share their Shakeology success stories.  While my day to day use is for convenience and nutrition, here’s a few real life experiences from friends and team members […]

David Shows Insanity What The Heck Is Up

Insanity is a tough program but one that’s fun, will lean you out like a pack of 96/4 beef and build your cardiovascular endurance to “I just ran 3 miles and I’m breathing like I’m sleeping” level bragging rights. David Z.  knows this because, as the youngest Fit Spot! Member at age 15, he just […]

Obligatory P90X Mirror Photo: Coach Dan Circa Day 180

OK. I’m pretty sure I need to start working on my “Smile For The Camera Face”.
That aside, here’s me at 180 days-ish of P90X. I’ve been able to put on a little more mass and definition and am *this* close to where I really want to be. As usual, I can’t say enough about the […]

Insanity And P90X Helped Us Run 198 Miles

If you’ve been doing P90X or Insanity, you know these programs provide more than a new wardrobe, a beach-ready body and good-looking muscle definition you never knew you had– they also give tangible, real-world “can-do”. By that I mean climbing flights of stairs becomes a breeze, you’re more flexible, can run farther, run faster and […]