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Beachbody Ultimate Reset Review- 21 Days With Chase

Nutrition is critical in our goals toward that certain physique… not to mention performance and health. The Beachbody Ultimate Reset is a nutrition system we’ve talked about a few times here at HDIGF and one that unquestionably works like magic for those who use it. You can read up on the peer reviewed, scientific results […]

Asylum Volume 2 Review: X Trainer

X Trainer, Asylum Volume 2’s first official workout,  kicks things off with a bang. Described by Shaun T. as “The epitome of the Athletic Matrix”, X-Trainer (Because “X Trainer” sounds way cooler than “Cross Trainer”)  is the next-step successor to Asylum Volume 1’s “Speed and Agility”. Only this round, X Trainer is a little more […]

Asylum Volume 2 Review: Agility Tutorial

Asylum Volume 2 Review: Agility Tutorial
Asylum Volume 2 is here and How Do I Get Fit (Coach Dan) has been after it like a kid on Christmas morning. Not to give too much away but once again, the bar has been raised on the Insanity program. This workout keeps getting better with each new variation. […]

Body Beast Review: Lucky 7

Body Beast, Beachbody’s dedicated mass building program, is designed with a laser focus on helping those interested in increasing muscle size and volume. If muscle gain is your goal, Body Beast is for you and promises up to 10 lbs. lean muscle in 90 days. But most important, Body Beast delivers ( as you can […]

Chin Up Max Review

“My pull ups suck”.  How many times have you (or did you) say that to yourself in the first weeks and months of your program? I know I did. Pull ups are hard, man! And they’re even harder when you’re doing them right and isolating the back without (or with minimal) help of your arms. […]

Chocolate Vegan Shakeology Review

To the joy of many a Shakeology drinker, Shakeology has expanded its flavor line with “Chocolate Vegan”. If you thought “chocolate” and “vegan” might not be a tasty sounding combo, well… it’s time to read on with this review. So how does Chocolate Vegan stack up on taste, mixability, nutrition and all the other stuff […]

Raw Protein (Garden of Life) Review- UPDATED with Chocolate & Vanilla Flavors

Protein powder supplements are everywhere and can usually be broken down into two basic categories: Animal based (whey, egg) and plant based (pea, brown rice, hemp). Some are good, some are bad and some are just basement level powdered animal feed infused with junk. It’s tough to know what you’re getting in your protein powder […]

Les Mills Pump Review: Sports Attack

If I’m being honest (and I am), I almost turned Les Mills Pump: Sports Attack off at about 20 seconds in. I think my exact words were along the lines of, “Oh… NO. No freakin’ WAY I’m doing this…” And of course by “this” I meant a side to side step, Jazz hands workout.
Still, by […]

P90X2 Bonus Workout Review: Chest, Shoulders + Triceps

P90X2 Bonus Workouts, “Extreme” Workouts or Advanced Workouts… whatever you want to call them, P90X2 has a couple additional workouts up its sleeve. You know, if it wore sleeves. If you didn’t order the Deluxe and Ultimate Kits you may not even be aware of them: Chest, Shoulders and Triceps and V-Sculpt. These additional resistance […]

Tropical Strawberry Shakeology Review

So the new Shakeology flavor “Tropical Strawberry” has been released, adding a tropical, fruity twist to the Chocolate (chocolatey) and Greenberry (not so berry-ey) offerings already available. So how does it stack up on taste, mixability, nutrition and all the other stuff that’s made Shakeology so popular?  Is it worth switching to? Read on.
Tropical Strawberry […]