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Real-World Results

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Review- 21 Days With Chase

Nutrition is critical in our goals toward that certain physique… not to mention performance and health. The Beachbody Ultimate Reset is a nutrition system we’ve talked about a few times here at HDIGF and one that unquestionably works like magic for those who use it. You can read up on the peer reviewed, scientific results […]

Kristin’s Insanity Workout Results

As a Mom and a high-demand professional photographer, Kristin was a woman on the go… and a “workout hater”.  But over the course of 60 days, Kristin became a woman transformed, both figuratively and literally. In short, she rocked it!
So what got Kristin to change her habits and slip into skinny jeans and a flat […]

Which Beachbody Program Is Best For Event Training?

Beachbody programs are designed to get you fit. That translates to the bonus of being operational and competitive in the real world. So the question has been asked… what Beachbody program is best for specific goals when it comes to competing in events? IE- can I use Asylum to train for my next mountain bike […]

Persistence Pays Off: Chase Update

So you may remember the awesome and dedicated Chase from the spotlight we had on his P90X journey almost a year ago.
Chase was at 290 lbs. when he began getting serious and making changes to his nutrition and physical activity. He’s come a long, long way. It’s a fantastic example of persistence: Not allowing the […]

Mike Crushes It With P90X and Body Beast Success

If there’s one thing we try to get across here at HDIGF it’s this: Consistency in P90X workouts and nutrition pay off BIG TIME. Not just in how you look but in health. Mike S. is a great example of both.
Overweight, lethargic and ultimately diagnosed with a medical condition as a result, Mike S. decided […]

Imagine Your Transformation: They Did It, So Can You!

There’s a reason I post my P90X before and after pic at the top of the HDIGF home page. It’s not because I enjoy ripping my shirt off and taking instagram “selfies” in my bathroom. That It’s not to show what I can do… it’s to inspire. My picture is there to show you what […]

Six Pack Secrets: Jared’s Story

At 15, Jared is the youngest member of our Fit Spot! group- but don’t let age fool you on his dedication. Dude is in it to win it and has transformed his goals of fitness into real-world success playing and crushing it on his High School volleyball team. I mean… at 15 he’s on the […]

Six Pack Secrets For P90X & Asylum Results: Ken’s “Lazy Guy Diet”

Another nutrition post? BLEEP yes another nutrition post!!
Nutrition is the difference between results and RESULTS. And Fit Spot! member Ken? He’s got RESULTS.
Can I get a “Bam!?”:

At 45 years old, Ken’s used P90X, P90X2 and Asylum Volume 2 to reach his fitness goals and create a physique that’s envied by dudes half his age.  Since […]

Pushing It

OK, posting a picture of a pool of your sweat (not an “accident”) after a hard-fought workout might be kind of gross but in some respects it’s an indicator of effort. The more we push (in P90X, Asylum, Insanity or ANY activity), the more we tend to keep sweating, the more our bodies are working, […]

Scott’s Story: Getting Ripped? Great. Improving Your Health? Priceless.

This isn’t necessarily the success story you’re used to. It’s better.
When you think of cleaning up your nutrition and working out, the first thing that probably comes to mind is regaining your physique. You know, going from soft to sexy and roly-poly to ripped. And that’s well and good but often the new muscles and […]