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“What’s Your Excuse”- The Maria Kang Molehill Controversy

If you have a Facebook feed or any fleeting interest in the seemingly constant parade of “my-outrage-must-be-known!!” controversies du jour (aka- Miley Cyrus, pregnant Moms lifting weights, To-MAY-to vs. To-MAH-to, etc.), you’ve probably run across the latest mountain of outrage birthed from the “why is this so dramatic?” molehill: Maria Kang.
You know, the fitness pro […]

If You’re Doing P90X, Insanity or a Chalene Johnson Program…KEEP. GOING.

Man, getting fit and built is a slow, tough process. I get it. I was fat. I was bloopy. My chest, gut and back jiggled when I ran down the stairs. The sight of a treadmill sent me hissing and crying to the nearest TV-facing Lazy-Boy (which, ironically, lead me to the P90X infomercial). I […]

Lose Weight With “No Change In Lifestyle?” Eff That Noise!

You want to get me fired up quick? I’m not talking “Fire-It-Up” motivational radness… I’m talking about the kind of fired up where I’m shouting, smacking my forehead, rolling my eyes and wanting to shake people by their lapels PISSED.
The secret? Play me a radio ad for a diet pill or “weight loss plan” that […]

Can I Have A Cheat Meal?

I’ve addressed the  topic of the cheat meal before but I’m going to hit it again as cheat meals are a subject in constant circulation and often misunderstood and/or abused to frustrating results. You’ll find opinions all over the place but this one is mine based off personal experience and coaching others through their Beachbody […]

Biggest Loser Reality… And Why You’re Not A Biggest Loser

This isn’t a Biggest Loser bash. I watch The Biggest Loser. And like it.
I don’t know if that’s a confession or not but I don’t watch it for the great trainers, made-for-TV stories of inspiration and its illustration of serious change for people when they have a shotgun wedding for Hard Work  and Nutrition. Truth […]

Attack of the Killer Leafy Greens

Maaaaaaaaaan. A post about leafy greens? What about the push ups and pull ups and workout news and tips? This ain’t no vegetarian nutrition blog, DAN.
I know, I know… but I’m blaming this one on sensational headlines. They made me do it. So, for today…consider this a friendly Public Service Announcement.
In a recent finding circulated […]

Take Progress Pictures (Especially Your “Before”)

Admit it- pictures of ourselves are something we have a total love-hate relationship with. Think about it- on one hand you have the “”oh, that’s a terrible picture of me!” reaction where you’re willing to burn and run an 18-wheeler over both the pic and the device that took it. IE- , that “hate” part. […]

Beach Body Results Aren’t Instant- Adjust Accordingly

If there’s one self-sabotaging booby-trap I constantly see when coaching people through P90X, Insanity or any other Beachbody program, it’s this: individuals unrealistically set on seeing results after a few days–or even a couple weeks worth– of workouts. When six packs aren’t chiseled and cover-ready physiques aren’t visible, frustration sets in and the same people […]

Tony Horton Punches Your Excuse List Into Next Year

As corn-a-riffically silly as inspirational P90X front-man Tony Horton can be sometimes (which I think is kind of awesome), the dude is legit in his workout programs, his approach to life and talking the talk in getting people out of their flabby rut and living life from a perspective of “CAN DO”. If you’re familiar […]

5 Reasons To Hate P90X

I’m not usually big on sarcasm but I’m caving today. So let’s get right to it: there’s lots of reasons to hate P90X (or any other Beachbody program). Granted, none of them are any good and come from the land of limp excuses and tear-stained pillows of failure but man, hatin’ is fun and if […]