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Les Mills Combat On Sale In June!

Les Mills Combat Workout On Sale- Save $70 In June
Heyo! June is Les Mills Combat month. Inspired by Mixed Martial Arts and High Intensity Interval Training, Les Mills Combat has hit the scene and, as many Spotters can attest, quickly become their favorite workout. Tough, fun and energetic, if you’ve been thinking about it, the […]

P90X Training For The Real World: Running Calendar

In my world, the point of fitness is to DO SOMETHING with it. I mean, muscles and hotness are definitely a plus but if you can’t chase your kids/dog down or enjoy an impromptu game of hoops without gasping for air, what’s the point? Of course, if you’re on the right track, looking good is […]

P90X Mass Schedule and Calendar

The P90X Mass routine is, hands down, one of the most popular posts here on HDIGF. And really, that’s a credit to P90X as a program- in that it’s not only good for carving up and looking awesome but can also be customized enough to be a hypertrophy (muscle building) program as well. Of course, […]

Focus T25 IS HERE

Focus T25 has arrived. If you’re a fan of Shaun T. programs like Insanity and Asylum Volume 1 and 2… that’s fantastic news for the first half of June 2013 is good.
Introducing FOCUS T25
18 months in development, T25 is focused on making workouts crazy short. Of course, that doesn’t mean “Easy”. The expectation is you […]

Insanity Workout On Sale- Save $90 In April

The Insanity workout… maybe you’ve heard of it? Maybe you’ve even thought about jumping in to 60 days of sweating, gasping and torching fat with inverted high intensity interval training? Making big-time changes with a workout that birthed the slogan “My warm-up is your workout” and made “Shaun T.” a household name? If you’ve been […]

Backpack-O-Rama: Add More Resistance To Your P90X Workout

If you’re familiar with HDIGF and have been following the site/receiving my Coach updates and check-ins you’ve probably heard the term “Backpack-O-Rama“. While some folks have come up with workout programs using names like “Body Shred Muscle Grater” or “Tsunami of Cyclone Fury”, with “Backpack-O-Rama” (BPOR) Iwent a different route. Still, the name is hyper-scientific […]

FREE P90X, Insanity and Body Beast Workouts

You know we love you here at HDIGF ( Sounds cheesy but it’s true. I want you to be successful and you better believe you’re worth it. So much in fact, when you pick up workout programs through this site or its links, you get free stuff you WON’T get if you pick it up […]

The Body Beast App

Beasting Up with Body Beast? Considering the Body Beast program? If so, here’s some awesome news for you: Body Beast  now has pretty deep and comprehensive mobile app. And it’s FREE!
That’s right– Body Beast has become completely mobile. On vacation or a trip and away from your DVDs and equipment? Feel like hitting up/showing off […]

NEW Insanity Workouts: Sanity Check + Fast And Furious Abs

Insanity has upped its game and widened its sweat-soaked net! Whether you’re an Insanity grad or just thinking about starting the program, Shaun T. has added TWO new Insanity workouts to the line-up– and if you’ve considered starting Insanity, one of them is an absolute must-have. Introducing SANITY CHECK and FAST & FURIOUS: ABS.
As one of the […]

Les Mills Combat Calendar and Schedules

Kia Kaha! So you know Les Mills Combat allows you to bring the butt-kicking, ear-to-ear smiling energy of the Les Mills Body Combat experience home. With a focus on Mixed Marital Arts (MMA) style workouts combined with pumping tracks in 4-6 minute workout sequences, Combat keeps things varied, fun and sweaty– just how we like […]