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The Two Degrees of P90X2

So the NBA’s Utah Jazz scored a convincing 100-88 win over the Phoenix Suns to nail the last play-off spot in the 2012 Western Conference Playoffs. Considering the Jazz began the season as a non-starter with “Zer-0” All-Stars and still in what many considered to be the extension of their rebuilding phase, that’s not too […]

Ken Amps P90X2 Results For a Wednesday #WIN

If there’s one thing about the P90X and P90X2 fitness training programs, it’s that after a while they become less “90X” and more “LifestyleX”… and that’s a good thing. Those who’ve been doing the program for a while know the “P90X’s” not only whip you into shape and chisel you into looking great, they also […]

P90X2 Bonus Workout Review: Chest, Shoulders + Triceps

P90X2 Bonus Workouts, “Extreme” Workouts or Advanced Workouts… whatever you want to call them, P90X2 has a couple additional workouts up its sleeve. You know, if it wore sleeves. If you didn’t order the Deluxe and Ultimate Kits you may not even be aware of them: Chest, Shoulders and Triceps and V-Sculpt. These additional resistance […]

Finished With P90X2? Enter The Asylum

So you’ve finished P90X2. You’ve put in your 90+ days, trusted the program and come out the other side with a ballistic-resistant core and the superhero skill of throwing down Levers and 4-Med-Ball-Push-Ups in your sleep. So what next? After a week of active rest, another round of P90X2 is always a solid option but […]

P90X2 Ab Ripper: “Engagementation”!

P90X Ab Ripper‘s “I hate it but I love it” success and intense ab burning powers set some Everest- high expectations when it came to P90X2‘s follow up: X2 Ab Ripper. With P90X2 sweating up in living rooms and basements across the country, I now hear a lot of “P90X2 Ab Ripper is too easy” […]

Tales of The Rumble Roller!

P90X2 has incorporated the foam roller into its workouts but I’m here to tell you– no matter what program you’re on… you need to get one. And if you can swing it, I highly recommend the Rumble Roller— with its indentations and ability to “dig deep”- in particular. After all, most high-impact training systems (P90X, […]

Stability, Mobility and Why It’s Huge For Your Fitness

Ok, so I kind of covered this in the previous “P90X2 Is Easy Post” but the following video kind of simply and awesomely lays out the differences between stability and mobility– and since there’s still questions as to why stability and mobility are so important and why it’s pretty much the dominating force in P90X2’s […]

P90X2 Review: Base And Back

Brutal. Taxing. Grueling. Punishment.  Hey, welcome to P90X2 Base and Back– aka P90X2’s “I heard you were talking **** about me” workout. In short, Base + Back is meant to give you braggadocio and ultimate bragging rights. But here I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s rewind a sec…
P90X Classic’s Legs and Back (now the […]

“P90X2 Is Too Easy… And Boring”

“P90X2 is Easy” and “P90X2 is Boring” are a couple things I’ve heard as people have begun P90X2. I’m sure there’s some hype expectation built into that but I also believe the “not as intense” concerns are due to an obvious fact– P90X2 is not P90X. That said, if you’re a P90X grad, P90X2 isn’t […]

P90X2 Review: Shoulders And Arms

P90X purists rejoice. X2 Shoulders and Arms is the first P90X2 workout that’s as close to a traditional P90X resistance workout as P90X2 has come so far. After weeks of unorthodox stability training and balance postures through Phase I and into Phase II Chest, Back and Balance, X2 Shoulders and Arms delivers good ol’ fashioned […]