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A Bipartisan Congress Agrees- P90X Works

So I’ve learned mixing it up with politics in public discourse among friends is a short road to long and divisive battles and in the “silly season” going on right now with the 2012 election, that advice couldn’t be more useful. So don’t consider this post a break in that form by any means. On […]

Why P90X Works

At this point, I don’t think there’s a question: P90X works like nothing else out there in helping you not only give fat a roundhouse kick to its chubby face but also kick-starting a stronger, athletic and overall better functioning You. But it’s not because P90X is just a bunch of booty-spanking moves thrown together […]

P90X Success- 5 Easy Tips For Pushing To Day 90

Not everyone who starts P90X finishes P90X. I know, crazy right? I mean, who doesn’t want to see their investment of time pay off in six packs, health and fitness? It’s hard to fathom but on average, P90X is only finished by about 25% of those who start it.
As one Tony S. Horton says:
“It’s easy […]

P90X Certified Challenge Groups

What can’t I say about P90X? It’s the program that “brung me”– a  top to bottom, turn key solution for not only getting fit, but getting ripped and truly athletically elite. It’s tough, its effective and with success stories aplenty and an almost 10 year history to hang its hat on, there’s no doubt if […]

The Rumor Mill- 2012 Summit Edition

It’s been a while since the last Rumor Mill but with Beachbody Summit 2013 2012 having unleashed a ton of new information I thought this was the best format to dish it up with. So while it’s not technically rumors… it’s fact… this is still stuff in the pipeline that I’m genuinely excited about.
Without further […]

Finished P90X? Five Tips On What To Do Next

P90X has a trick up its sleeve: It’s not a “90 Days and Out and Done” system. The program is designed to train you in the habit of eating right and working out– a habit intended to keep you kicking booty on a healthy lifestyle long, long looooong after your first 90 days are up. […]

Will I Lose Mass If I Do Insanity After P90X?

What is it with dudes and mass. We all want it, we all work for it and anything that could get in the way of our hard-earned gains is given the metaphorical concrete bath, thrown in a padlocked safe and tossed into the drink.
Thing is, your body is pretty efficient and if you’re training it […]

Should I Skip My Recovery Week/Days?

I’ll make this simple: NO.
Activity, pushing hard and torching calories all day every day is great but all sweat and no rest does your body more harm than good. There’s a reason P90X, Insanity and even The Asylum include Recovery weeks. Rest is when your body rebuilds. Rest is when you recover. Rest is where […]

Ab Ripper X And 5 Tips To Fight The Good Fight

Ab… Ripper… X!
The little workout that would, could and does isn’t afraid to strike nervous discomfort in the abdominals and hip flexors of P90Xers the world over. Even Tony “The Taskmaster” Horton uses hate to describe Ab Ripper X . And while Ab Ripper X may look all innocent at first glance– it’s only a […]

Bringing It

You hear it every day and every workout starts with the same red reminder… “Bring it!”
But really, beyond cheer-leading movies, trash talk cliches and a sincere motivational cry from Tony Horton, what does “Bring It”  mean? What does it mean to you? And what is “IT”, anyway? Is “it” about just showing up and pressing […]