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P90X Workout Results: Enter Fernando

When it comes to the P90X workout, you either get results or you don’t. And if you don’t, well… you didn’t do the program. Not that anyone would ever mistake Fernando for someone who tried P90X and gassed out. No, Fernando took P90X and owned it. Faster, Better, Stronger. P90X poster boy?
I’d say so:

So how’d […]

P90X3 Preview: P90X3 Questions Answered

P90X3 has a lot of people excited. And rightly so. P90X and P90X2 have delivered a lot of legitimate, life-changing results and with the promise of P90X3 delivering the same in 30 minutes? It’s like a dream come true.
The real revolution here isĀ  P90X3 becoming efficient as science and physiology allows– making it as “easy” […]

XBOX Fitness: P90X, Insanity and The Power of Kinect

Love or hate the new XBOX One (gamer or not), a recently leaked page on Xbox’s website has revealed something P90X and Insanity fans should be pretty stoked about: P90X and Insanity (courtesy of Tony Horton and Shaun T) are both coming, in part, to XBOX One via XBOX Fitness:
Introducing the future of fitness. Experience […]

What’s Better For Gaining Muscle: P90X, Insanity or Body Beast?

With the introduction of Body Beast, there’s one question that’s being asked more than all others: “What’s better for gaining muscle? P90X, Insanity or Body Beast?” If you’ve been scouring late night infomercials, message boards and You Tube results videos in a quest to find the answer, you’ve come to the right place.
That said, I’ll […]

P90X Training For The Real World: Running Calendar

In my world, the point of fitness is to DO SOMETHING with it. I mean, muscles and hotness are definitely a plus but if you can’t chase your kids/dog down or enjoy an impromptu game of hoops without gasping for air, what’s the point? Of course, if you’re on the right track, looking good is […]

P90X Mass Schedule and Calendar

The P90X Mass routine is, hands down, one of the most popular posts here on HDIGF. And really, that’s a credit to P90X as a program- in that it’s not only good for carving up and looking awesome but can also be customized enough to be a hypertrophy (muscle building) program as well. Of course, […]

Backpack-O-Rama: Add More Resistance To Your P90X Workout

If you’re familiar with HDIGF and have been following the site/receiving my Coach updates and check-ins you’ve probably heard the term “Backpack-O-Rama“. While some folks have come up with workout programs using names like “Body Shred Muscle Grater” or “Tsunami of Cyclone Fury”, with “Backpack-O-Rama” (BPOR) Iwent a different route. Still, the name is hyper-scientific […]

Get Better At P90X Pushups: Perfect And Crush Them

There’s no question: P90X and Pushups go together like Tony Horton/sleeveless shirts, summer/AWESOME and Shakeology/peanut butter. They’re a foundational cornerstone of the P90X program (and play a large part of Insanity as well) for good reason– pushups increase upper body strength and power, give a flexible range of movement to your shoulders (which your shoulders […]

Robert Made P90X A Blowtorch

Robert has an awesome story of determination to change the course of his life with P90X success– something you might expect when you see his killer results. And those results? Brought about by pure determination, discipline, nutrition and a little program we like to call P90X. Robert lost 53 pounds and continues to look for […]

Built Like A Tank: Chase’s P90X Success

Chase had it good. Ex Football player. Ex Rugby player. Ex Army. Built like the tanks he drove in the Armored Cav, Chase never had much trouble staying fit and keeping the pounds at bay. Chase was Bringing It all day every!

Of course, life happens and by his 30s, Chase was dealing with desk jobs […]