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Finished P90X? Five Tips On What To Do Next

P90X has a trick up its sleeve: It’s not a “90 Days and Out and Done” system. The program is designed to train you in the habit of eating right and working out– a habit intended to keep you kicking booty on a healthy lifestyle long, long looooong after your first 90 days are up. […]

Will I Lose Mass If I Do Insanity After P90X?

What is it with dudes and mass. We all want it, we all work for it and anything that could get in the way of our hard-earned gains is given the metaphorical concrete bath, thrown in a padlocked safe and tossed into the drink.
Thing is, your body is pretty efficient and if you’re training it […]

Should I Skip My Recovery Week/Days?

I’ll make this simple: NO.
Activity, pushing hard and torching calories all day every day is great but all sweat and no rest does your body more harm than good. There’s a reason P90X, Insanity and even The Asylum include Recovery weeks. Rest is when your body rebuilds. Rest is when you recover. Rest is where […]

Coach Dan’s P90X Results Video (IE- Better Late Than Never)

For years I’ve been meaning to make a video about how P90X worked for me and had all kinds of potential to work for anyone who dedicated themselves to the program and tried it. Almost half-a-half-decade later (decade always makes things sound longer), it’s done and out there.
The take away is this: You CAN do […]

Should I Start With P90X or Insanity?

One of the most common questions we receive as coaches and P90X/Insanity grads is whether to start with Insanity or P90X. For me, it’s Tony Horton’s “P90X” all day long. For Coach MC it’s Shaun T.’s “Insanity” but… like most everything else fitness related (and I know you’re tied of hearing this) the answer isn’t […]

Starting The Insanity Workout? Here’s Your Pre-Launch Check-List.

So you’ve decided to check your limitations (and sanity) at the door and enter the 40-60 minute world of panting, sweaty discomfort as delivered by Shaun T. through the Insanity workout. Now that you know what Insanity is and isn’t, you’re ready to rock its socks off. You’ve got your Insanity box opened and you’re […]

What The Insanity Workout Is… And Isn’t

Insanity is advertised as the most intense program ever put to DVD and has gained close to the same devoted following as P90X. Of course, that’s for good reason– Insanity is tough and laser-focused on 60 days of fat-torching by way of cardiovascular mayhem thanks to High Intensity Interval Training, plyometrics and sports drills. Still, […]

Insanity “On Sale” ‘Til August 6th… But VIP Members Get 10% Off Forever

We’ve had lots of Insanity action here at HDIGF. I’ve used it to lean out and we’ve seen some pretty impressive results. In short, the program DELIVERS. If you’re interested in getting in on the game, Beachbody has a sale going where you can save $10 off shipping (usually $24.95), which is pretty impressive as […]

David Shows Insanity What The Heck Is Up

Insanity is a tough program but one that’s fun, will lean you out like a pack of 96/4 beef and build your cardiovascular endurance to “I just ran 3 miles and I’m breathing like I’m sleeping” level bragging rights. David Z.  knows this because, as the youngest Fit Spot! Member at age 15, he just […]

Two-Fer Friday: HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Insanity, Turbofire and even to a certain extent circuit-style P90X (as you’ll see below) all operate off a principle of High Intensity Interval Training. It’s why these programs can be so effective– (if you want to get real nerdy/scientific-like, here’s a recent study summary on vigorous exercise and its awesome effect on metabolism– IE, your […]