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Body Beast

Body Beast- The Official Supplement List

Body Beast information is coming fast and furious which means the at-home Body Beast Body Building launch is imminent… and as promised, it’s update central. This weeks update: Supplements. And oh, with a mass building program you knew they were coming!
Cool thing is Body Beast has inspired a whole new line of  Beachbody supplements built […]

Body Beast Official Equipment List

Body Beast, Beachbody’s first official at-home mass building program is just weeks away and with the Mass Building program centered around weight and plenty of it– you’re probably wondering what equipment you’ll need to have on hand to maximize gains and take Body Beast to its full, shirt-ripping potential. So here it is, the official […]

Body Beast Releases First-Look Video

I promised to keep you up to date on all the latest when it came to Body Beast (Beachbody’s mass building program) and maaaaaan… I’m not lyin’.
Needless to say, for the guys out there wanting to add mass, Body Beast is highly anticipated. The program is dropping very, very soon (like, June 2012 soon) and […]