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Body Beast

Body Beast Expectations- 5 Things You Should Know

Body Beast has been in the wild for a bit over a year now and continues to gain interest from both the Dudes and the Ladies. I get a lot of questions about it and truth is, I haven’t coached or met anyone who’s started it and hasn’t loved it (myself included).
Of course, the name […]

What’s Better For Gaining Muscle: P90X, Insanity or Body Beast?

With the introduction of Body Beast, there’s one question that’s being asked more than all others: “What’s better for gaining muscle? P90X, Insanity or Body Beast?” If you’ve been scouring late night infomercials, message boards and You Tube results videos in a quest to find the answer, you’ve come to the right place.
That said, I’ll […]

The Body Beast App

Beasting Up with Body Beast? Considering the Body Beast program? If so, here’s some awesome news for you: Body Beast  now has pretty deep and comprehensive mobile app. And it’s FREE!
That’s right– Body Beast has become completely mobile. On vacation or a trip and away from your DVDs and equipment? Feel like hitting up/showing off […]

Body Beast Review: Lucky 7

Body Beast, Beachbody’s dedicated mass building program, is designed with a laser focus on helping those interested in increasing muscle size and volume. If muscle gain is your goal, Body Beast is for you and promises up to 10 lbs. lean muscle in 90 days. But most important, Body Beast delivers ( as you can […]

Body Beast For Women: Busting The “Looks Like A Man” Myth

If there’s one thing I’ve learned when it comes to ladies and working out, 9 out of 10 women don’t want to end up looking like dudes. It’s why you’ll see so many ellipticals and treadmills and group fitness classes based around “cardio” packed with the ladies and the dumbbell section packed with fellas. I […]

Body Beast Dynamic Set Training- Know Your Sets

Ever heard of “Dynamic Set Training”? If you’re doing Body Beast… you have now. So hey! How about a quick English lesson to nail down the word “dynamic” and how it fits into Body Beast, lifting weights and building muscle:
Dynamic  (die-na-mik)
— adj
1.     of or concerned with energy or forces that produce motion, as […]

The Body Beast Challenge Is ON

Body Beast is here– which means all you guys who’ve been modifying P90X for mass now have a program built SPECIFICALLY for it. And for you ladies, well… Body Beast is a chance to follow in the footsteps of many of those Pinterest fitness models everyone repins (lifting heavy is a good thing when it […]

Beast Mode: Why The Name Body Beast?

So there’s been a lot of posts about Body Beast around here lately and for good reason– I’m excited about it simply because Body Beast is a great program built specifically for the guys and gals who want to put on lean muscle. Period. Body Beast is minimal cardio, maximum resistance training using super sets, […]

Body Beast Now Available!

BODY BEAST IS HERE…. and with a name like Body Beast, you KNOW bodybuilding gains in mass, strength and size is the name of the game– and if you’ve been looking to put on mass at home, your prayers have been answered. Whether you’re beginning or you’ve nailed your goals of getting ripped and adding […]

Body Beast- Before And After Results

Body Beast has been covered pretty extensively here on How Do I Get Fit. We know what it’s about— Putting on Muscle and building mass. We know the heavy-lifting, muscle-pumping equipment we’ll need. We also know the baseline supplement list we’ll need to support muscle growth and repair (code name: hypertrophy). But the real key- […]