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P90X3- Fitness Accelerated…It’s Here!

P90X3 is now available! The question is, with so many options… how are you going to X3?
Want to know more about P90X3, its workouts and all the details? Visit the P90X3 Q & A here.

P90X3 Challenge Pack
Retail Price: $205 (December Promotional Price: $180)

P90X3 Base Kit
30-Day Supply of Shakeology HD
30-Day VIP Team Beachbody […]

How Much is P90X3? Kit Options and Pricing

Hear that? P90X3 is knocking at the door! But how much does will it cost? As usual, that depends on your “kit”. To help you prep for what P90X3 kit you might be interested in starting with, I’ve listed the options and pricing below.
As a quick note, the Base Kit does NOT come with the […]

P90X3: Free Swag + Apps

With P90X3 just a few days away, I thought I’d hit on some highlights of the program- a few of the details. After all, we know P90X3 is going to work. We know it’s going to deliver 30 minutes of high intensity “Oh hai, six-pack” workouts with a library of varied moves heretofore unseen in […]

P90X3 Preview: P90X3 Questions Answered

P90X3 has a lot of people excited. And rightly so. P90X and P90X2 have delivered a lot of legitimate, life-changing results and with the promise of P90X3 delivering the same in 30 minutes? It’s like a dream come true.
The real revolution here isĀ  P90X3 becoming efficient as science and physiology allows– making it as “easy” […]

P90X 3 Details: Fast Is The New Awesome

P90X3 is ramping up for its release which means, as promised, more detail for HDIGF P90X fans!
As noted in the first P90X 3 Announcement here at HDIGF, P90X3 is out to change the game… again. And while we know P90X delivers results like it’s nobody’s biz, one of the “complaints” I get is that some […]

P90X3 Is Official!

P90X 3 is here.
P90X3 was officially released December 10, 2014 and includes up to 20 new, 30 MINUTE workouts. Exciting stuff!!

P90X3 Details has been updating steadily on P90X3 details:
P90X3 Preview Questions & Answers
The 30 Minute P90X
P90X 3: A Note From Tony Horton
We changed the way you thought about fitness with P90X and P90X2. And now, […]