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Les Mills Combat

Les Mills Combat On Sale In June!

Les Mills Combat Workout On Sale- Save $70 In June
Heyo! June is Les Mills Combat month. Inspired by Mixed Martial Arts and High Intensity Interval Training, Les Mills Combat has hit the scene and, as many Spotters can attest, quickly become their favorite workout. Tough, fun and energetic, if you’ve been thinking about it, the […]

Les Mills Combat Calendar and Schedules

Kia Kaha! So you know Les Mills Combat allows you to bring the butt-kicking, ear-to-ear smiling energy of the Les Mills Body Combat experience home. With a focus on Mixed Marital Arts (MMA) style workouts combined with pumping tracks in 4-6 minute workout sequences, Combat keeps things varied, fun and sweaty– just how we like […]

Les Mills Combat

Les Mills Combat comes home! As part of the worldwide Les Mills group fitness brand, “Body Combat” is one of their more popular group fitness classes– one you may have seen rocking your local gym with a focus on Mixed Marital Arts (MMA) style workouts. And if there’s one thing about Les Mills, it’s their […]