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Beachbody Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale Is ON!

Beachbody is known for its great Black Friday Sales and this year is no different. P90X with FREE pull up bar. Asylum with Pull Up bar, discounted supplements like E&E Pre-workout and Fuel Shot. The […]

Coach Check In: 2013 = Your Year

Happy 2013!
“But Dan, you’re a week late”.
Yup. Busted.
But still… truth is, 2013 doesn’t end until December 31, 350-some-odd days from now and there’s no reason 2013 can’t be a happy one any month or week this year because YOU’RE in charge! Want big things this year? You can make them happen. And when it comes […]

P90X Certification Coming To HDIGF

Late last year, Beachbody announced the limited launch of P90X Certification– an official training program for P90X built to put a galvanized X on the understanding and training principles of the ridiculously popular and effective fitness program. Needless to say, I’ve been foaming at the mouth (in a sanitary way) at the prospect of getting […]

Out On Snow Patrol

As the old saying goes– if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Since we’re in Coldtown USA, we thought we’d make the best of it this President’s Day weekend and head out of town for some cabin-based adventures in snowmobiling, snow shoeing and general winter wonderland shenanigans. And in case you’re wondering if we’re “checking […]

Body Beast: Beachbody’s Complete Mass Building Program

With a name like Body Beast, you KNOW bodybuilding is in the mix so let me say this: All P90X Mass gainers, your prayers have been answered. If you’ve nailed your goals of getting ripped and adding muscle, now it’s time to get big.
There’s been rumors of a Beachbody Mass/Body Building program swirling around since […]

Pre-P90X: The Hairy Dough Boy

So I was going through photos the other day and stumbled across my “before” P90X pictures from two years ago. I have to admit, I was kind of shocked to see just how thick I really was. I mean, I’m packing an additional 35 lbs. of fat right there. My back’s jelly rolls look like […]

P90X2 Pre-Order: The How-To Guide

If you’ve been keeping tabs on (HDIGF), you know I’m a “little” pumped about P90X2. The details have been leaking out and P90X2 is a seriously impressive program– a step beyond the original P90X and, best of all, one with a ridiculously adaptable nutrition guide. Because hey– that’s where the magic happens, right? If […]

Win A Free Beachbody Program

There’s a reason Beachbody’s home workout solutions like P90X, Insanity and Turbofire are insanely popular– they’re FULL PROGRAMS that not only allow you work up a righteous sweat at home– they hold your hand through every aspect, including the all-important but oft-forgotten nutrition element. They’re designed to ensure success, not just make some money by […]

Beachbody Challenge Pays You Back Big-Time

If ever you’ve needed the added motivation to kick the trash out of your fitness program, crush your transformation or think the idea of winning chunks of money and prizes for your current transformation beats a pat on the back, The Beachbody Challenge has officially kicked off (August 1st, even) in full effect and runs […]

I’m Sorry… You’re Cutting Out

OK. Seems like I just took a break but looks like I’ll be taking another for a few days and into the next week and as much as I wish it was a trip to the location I’ve got pictured, it’s not. Ah well– I’ll still have copies of P90X, Asylum, bands and a computer […]