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How Do I Get Fit

5 Things To Remember When Starting Your Fitness Challenge

So you’ve kicked off your fitness journey. AWESOME. Now comes the challenging part.
Over the next 30, 60 or 90 days you’re going to be faced with a few things virtually EVERYONE runs into when they’re starting out– things with simple solutions that will help you jump the common hurdles that come your way:
Feeling Low On […]

Will I lose muscle Mass With Insanity?

You’ve been working hard at your fitness thanks to programs like P90X or Body Beast. You’ve added some muscle. You want to try Insanity for a little conditioning and to lose that last bit of body fat.
But wait… Insanity is a cardio based program. And cardio is the sworn enemy to hypertrophy (aka- muscle growth), […]

Which Protein Supplement Should I Choose?

Protein, protein, protein. It’s what’s for dinner. And lunch. And breakfast. And snacks.
Kind of.
While the amount of protein you should consume really depends on your fitness and physique goals, a lot of times it’s easy to get into the “I’m working out now– gotta get mah prow-teen!” mindset- an idea that isn’t necessarily true in […]

Fitness Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy

I remember the first time I got to pick out a pair of shoes as a kid. I knew exactly what I wanted and was absolutely stoked when I brought the shoes home. I remember what they looked like: black canvas shoes with bright yellow palm tree print. the very next day I wore them […]

The Truth About Building Muscle- Don’t Overthink It!

“Build muscle fast! The super secret, super effective way to build muscle and shred fat!”
Blah, blah, blah.
OK, so how many times have you seen headlines like this written 30 different ways? Maybe a bazillion? There’s a reason for that… both men (and women- yay!) want to build muscle and build it quick. Men want to […]

The 25/50 Busy Body Challenge

“I love getting fat” said no one. Ever.
But let’s face it- you’re busy. I’m busy… we’re all busy. Dedicating an hour or more to working out? Tough… but IT’S NOT AN EXCUSE ANY MORE.
If you’ve ever thought about how much you’d like to look good in the clothes you wear by dropping a few inches, […]

Can I Work Out When I’m Pregnant? MC Did…

Pregnancy is the real deal– full of changes, new feelings, amazement, miracles and new levels of discomfort. But when it comes to me doling out advice on workout out while pregnant, you’ll need to talk to your Doctor and let them have the final say.
But I do know pregnancy is often an “excuse” where one […]

If You Want It, You Can Get It

How many of us tend to talk down to ourselves? See a goal we’d love to reach, that elusive six pack, that new pant size, the successful completion of a program… and then say “Oh I can’t. That can’t be me.” Are you guilty of that self-defeating thought process? I know I’ve been at times […]

Am I Overtraining? How You’ll Know

Overtraining is bad news. Bad because not many people recognize they’re doing it until they’ve created an injury, hit a plateau, exhausted themselves and are cussing and quitting in frustration. I mean, TRAIN HARD is the mantra that the go-getting, ripped and fit King and Queens of fitness go by, right? And if you work […]

Les Mills Combat On Sale In June!

Les Mills Combat Workout On Sale- Save $70 In June
Heyo! June is Les Mills Combat month. Inspired by Mixed Martial Arts and High Intensity Interval Training, Les Mills Combat has hit the scene and, as many Spotters can attest, quickly become their favorite workout. Tough, fun and energetic, if you’ve been thinking about it, the […]