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Friday Five

Happy Halloween From HDIGF

Happy Halloween HDIGF style!

 Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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Fire-It-Up! Keep Working Edition

It’s midweek… so how about some more midweek Motivisualization courtesy of HowDoIGet This round? Keep going!! Here’s a quick visual for you: Imagine you decide to pick up on a road trip and head to Disneyland (it’s the happiest place on Earth, right?). Now imagine you’re a few miles into the trip… but since […]

Fire-It-Up! Midweek Motivation Edition

Motivisualization! Ok, so it’s not a real word-  just one we made up here at How Do I Get Fit to describe the fitness centric, posterable, pinable and hopefully fire-igniting images we create for the pleasure of a kick in your motivation’s pants. So whether it’s Monday, Friday or you’re ready to gear up for […]

Kickstarter: Motivisualization For An Awesome Week

Friday Five or Fire-It-Up Fridays in disguise, the Monday Kickstarter has one purpose– to refocus your energies on the week ahead and get your mind, motivation and week off to a start that’s laser focused on your fitness goals. Now go out and kick some trash.

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Fire-It-Up Friday– AKA The Friday Five

The Friday Five has had a transformation! I love whipping up five, butt-slapping, gear-shifting inspirational quotes and marrying them to five inspirational images through the power of Photoshop but I love answering emails and helping you reach your goals more. So here we go… The Friday Five is now morphing into something more manageable but […]

Friday Five VII: A Week’s Worth of Motivation

Friday Five is up and at ’em with five inspirational/motivational images to fire it up, add fuel to your tank, deliver some tough love and keep you sailing to your goals/taking the leap the accomplishing them. You got this, so keep rockin’ it!

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The Friday Five VI: Weekly Visual Motivation

Friday’s motivational meme –The Friday Five– lands on your doorstep with a wink, a smile and a kick in the pants.   Visualize. Internalize. Fire it the heck up. 

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The Friday Five V: Weekly Visual Motivation

Welcome to another week-capping dose of The Friday Five. This week’s theme? Making it happen. Serve it up, share it out and fire it up!

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Friday Five IV: Weekly Motivation

Welcome to Friday… where How Do I Get Fit offers up its usual weekly dose of visual inspiration for every day of the work week passed… and every other day to come. No matter where you are in your P90X, Insanity or Beachbody journey… Keep rockin’ it.

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The Friday Five III– Motivation Served Up Weekly

It’s Friday… again! Get ready to fire up the internal motivation because Fridays mean nothing less than another round of visual motivation courtesy of How Do I Get Fit.

As always, keep rockin’ it.

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