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Fire It Up Friday

Happy Halloween From HDIGF

Happy Halloween HDIGF style!

 Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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Fire-It-Up! Keep Working Edition

It’s midweek… so how about some more midweek Motivisualization courtesy of HowDoIGet This round? Keep going!! Here’s a quick visual for you: Imagine you decide to pick up on a road trip and head to Disneyland (it’s the happiest place on Earth, right?). Now imagine you’re a few miles into the trip… but since […]

Fire-It-Up! Midweek Motivation Edition

Motivisualization! Ok, so it’s not a real word-  just one we made up here at How Do I Get Fit to describe the fitness centric, posterable, pinable and hopefully fire-igniting images we create for the pleasure of a kick in your motivation’s pants. So whether it’s Monday, Friday or you’re ready to gear up for […]

Kickstarter: Motivisualization For An Awesome Week

Friday Five or Fire-It-Up Fridays in disguise, the Monday Kickstarter has one purpose– to refocus your energies on the week ahead and get your mind, motivation and week off to a start that’s laser focused on your fitness goals. Now go out and kick some trash.

Additional motivation and real-world support can also be found here […]

Fire It Up Friday: Excuse Bully Edition

Bullying in any form is never, ever appropriate. Except maybe when it comes to your excuses– then it’s headlocks, purple nurples, “Don’t stop jumping until I say so” floodgates open. Discipline and making things happen is the name of the game  and whether you’re giving swirlies to your excuses by working out in your living […]

Fire It Up Friday- Get Movin’

There’s a little something that differentiates where you are now from your fitness goals– and that’s a simple “click”. A realization the only thing separating you from your goal is taking action and moving forward. Commitment, determination, momentum and refinement are the tools to get you there. Whether you’re this close or starting from square […]

Fire It Up Friday- Fitness Motivisualization

Fire It Up Friday arrives hot and made to order. This Friday’s focus: The Scale. I’ve mentioned it before but…
“One of the benefits of fitness is “looking good”. Nobody wants to “weigh good” and yet that’s exactly what so many fixate on: numbers on a scale. I’ve given that topic well-deserved evil eye right here […]

Fire It Up Friday- The Basics

Another Friday… another semi-monthly Fire-It-Up! And this one, this one’s kinda for the ladies but dudes– the message still holds. When it comes to getting fit and changing your lifestyle for the advantages of feeling and looking like the “Best You”, a lot of times we kind of get caught up in the mind games […]

Fire It Up Friday- You CAN

If there’s one critical element to changing your health, fitness and life– it’s realizing you can… and will. So to gently give that thought in your mind–wherever it’s hanging out these days–a kick to the front of the line, we proudly present you with another original round of How Do I Get Fit’s Friday Five. […]

Fire It Up Friday: Stop Cuddling Edition

It’s Friday… Fire It Up! In this edition, a couple excuses have called in and well… they’re lame. We could go out and make lemonade out of those lemons but lemonade uses too much sugar. So we’ve made them a punching bag instead… for your visual motivation, of course. Keep rockin’ it!

Additional motivation and real-world […]