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Asylum Volume II

Asylum Volume 2 Review: X Trainer

X Trainer, Asylum Volume 2’s first official workout,  kicks things off with a bang. Described by Shaun T. as “The epitome of the Athletic Matrix”, X-Trainer (Because “X Trainer” sounds way cooler than “Cross Trainer”)  is the next-step successor to Asylum Volume 1’s “Speed and Agility”. Only this round, X Trainer is a little more […]

Asylum Volume 2 Review: Agility Tutorial

Asylum Volume 2 Review: Agility Tutorial
Asylum Volume 2 is here and How Do I Get Fit (Coach Dan) has been after it like a kid on Christmas morning. Not to give too much away but once again, the bar has been raised on the Insanity program. This workout keeps getting better with each new variation. […]

Asylum: Volume 2

Oh, it’s on. Asylum: Volume 2 is here!
If you tackled Insanity: The Asylum, you know it was easily one of the most challenging, yet unbelievably fun workouts you may have ever done in your life. And the fact you’ve got athletes like Apolo Ohno and Hope Solo using it… it’s legit. As you may have […]