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Your Program Will Work. Let It.

If there’s any disappointment to people reaching their dream results through workout programs like P90X or Insanity, it’s probably unfulfilled expectations– IE, “I’m not seeing the results I wanted yet”. This usually comes sometime in the first four weeks of the program and as mentioned here, that “fork in the road” is a critical time where choosing to press through and PERSIST is the fine line between success story and going back to square one.

The difference between the folks with transformations and those without? Trusting their program. Fact is, we’re all different and may take different roads to get to the same fit place. Some may be shorter, others may be longer but the road map of your Beachbody workout program won’t lead you astray.

From Beachbody program designer Steve Edwards:

Creating P90X was somewhat easy, at least from my perspective… as the fitness guy I had enough experience in training different levels of athletes that I knew how the P90X structure was going to work before we tested it. This doesn’t mean it was all smooth sailing. Our first test group tried to mutiny after 30 days when they weren’t getting the results they thought they should… I had to draw up some periodization graphs to confuse them enough that they’d stop thinking about it and just trust me. Luckily, while they were still harrumphing over it Tony said, “I’m with him,” which sealed the deal. Eventually, all were pretty ecstatic that they decided to buy into the system.

Just for the record, periodization is “breaking up a training program into targeted blocks of time where you focus on one aspect of training.” IE- P90X’s 90 days (and 21 day Phase Blocks), Insanity’s 60 days and Asylum’s 30 days. As you move within and through program to program, they’re designed to give you “small steps backward”. This can be frustrating where we’re always set on the goal of “Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger” but if you never regress, you don’t have the time to improve. And that kinda requires taking a step of blind faith and TRUSTING THE PROGRAM.

Rest weeks are a perfect example– you’re not actually sitting but your focus is on different workouts- stretching, low impact work, etc. You may not feel like you’re making gains but your body is ADJUSTING and REPAIRING. People are often surprised at how much stronger they come back after a rest week– and, at worst, how quickly they built back to or exceeded their previous strength.

I’ll let Mr. Edwards sum it up:

The lesson of the day is to trust your program and let it work. We get tons of mail (literally if it weren’t electronic) from people wanting to alter their program, or quit, as soon as they get weaker, gain weight, feel tired, or hungry, or anything that’s not what they consider to be the direction they want to be going. But you’ve got to trust us; those steps back are going to lead to improvements that you never would have believed to be possible.

Trust your program. Plug into support. Ask questions right here at How Do I Get Fit, through free personal coaching or And most of all– keep after it with dedication. I promise… you’ll nail your goals and then some.

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  1. Karen says:

    It’s so important to be patient when trying to reach your goals. Hard to do, but so worth it in the end!

  2. Leland says:

    #1 thing is to be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was your body as Tony Horton himself says. Never give up and always strive to be your best every day, every workout, every move, every rep!

  3. Jim says:

    I think we all go through the “this crap isn’t working” stage. Everybody should read this so that they know they’re not alone in that feeling. It works if you trust the program and invest the time.

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