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Which Beachbody Program Is Best For Event Training?

Beachbody programs are designed to get you fit. That translates to the bonus of being operational and competitive in the real world. So the question has been asked… what Beachbody program is best for specific goals when it comes to competing in events? IE- can I use Asylum to train for my next mountain bike adventure? Or maybe Body Beast for your next foray into the United Arm Wrestling Federation?

To answer the question, the obvious has to be thrown out there: if you’re simply looking for weight loss, virtually any of Beachbody’s programs will get you there- from Brazil Butt Lift to P90X2 to T25. And while some are designed to get you moving and lose weight so you can better function, others are designed as graduate style programs (for those who have a fitness base) like P90X and Insanity. Still, the programs are designed with a specific purpose in mind- it’s just some are a little more focused than others.

That said, with all of the training programs and workout hybrids out there (including the P90X Mass Calendar and Runner’s Training Schedule) I wanted to really dial in on which program and subsequent focus would be best for a specific real world pursuit. As it turns out, the answer is pretty much “it depends” and “you have options”.

I know that’s a real finger in the eye to those of you who want to be told exactly what program to do but think of it this way- instead of HAVING to do the program you’re haphazardly told is best, you can do the program you CHOOSE, which allows you to get excited about what you’re doing instead of dreading “that workout”. It’s a bit of freedom. Of course, that said there are programs that are better suited for certain goals- you wouldn’t do Insanity to build muscle– you’d do it for endurance (besides the obvious effect of weight loss… but again, that’s going to happen, as mentioned, with most Beachbody programs you choose).

And The Best Programs Are…

You come to HDIGF for answers so I went to THE MAN himself- the guy whose knowledge and experience, if you’ve been reading HDIGF for any amount of time, I put a lot of stock in: Steve Edwards– Beachbody’s Director of Results… which is the fancy term for the dude who puts the programs together and designs them to work. In short, the dude who has his hands in a bit of everything with Beachbody.

My question:

What Beachbody programs are specifically designed and best translated for “real world fitness” disciplines? Granted, training should incorporate some kind of tactile approach that’s used in training (IE_ running if you’re wanting to improve your running). Just wondering how various programs translate well (or are better used for) certain real world athletic activities.

Being the cool dude he is, Steve gave me this response in short order:

It really depends on the person. You’re fit, so our higher end programs will work best because they’re incorporating more specific movements for higher end performance. Some of the X2 workouts are exactly what you’d do if you paid a professional athletic trainer. Asylum workouts are hybrids of sports practice and training, so those two are very specific but also hard. Most people can’t do them well enough to get benefit and would see better results with a gentler program that changed their body composition quicker, which is their biggest obstacle to movement issues.

So, like many things, there are many different solutions to the same questions.

In other words, as I mentioned above, you have choices- there’s various programs to get to the same destination. As Steve mentioned, P90X2 is a genuine athletic training program developed in conjunction with one of the Premiere Athletic Training centers in the world: P3. The real trick is incorporating your program into practice with the event or athletic endeavor you’re training for.

The beauty is, you have some great choices.

Questions about your program? Trying to narrow it down? Emaill me here or at Even better, let’s get you the support you need through making me your Beachbody Coach right here.


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