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What’s Your Workout “Why”?

No matter where you start your program, there’s a reason “why” you started. It’s the spark that lit the gasoline trail and blew up into the action that has you pushing and sweating to making a mental/physical/emotional change. It’s the kick in the bum-parts that got you to make a call or hop online to order your program of choice.

There’s as many “whys” as there are people who use the programs but they usually boil down to four categories. It’s my hope you’ll look at these categories and find that spark again– whether you’re absolutely owning your program with daily dedication, struggling or have fallen off the bandwagon altogether. If you’re either of the latter two, there’s no better time to start than now and honest– I’ll be with you every step of the way.

Looking Good?

This is the swimsuit crowd and probably comprises a large chunk of anyone who works out– and for good reason. People feel confident when they feel they have something to be confident about. Working out provides visual confidence in spades. And from personal experience, wearing cloths that don’t make you look like a sack/billowing flag to avoid highlighting the “lumpy” parts feels pretty good.

Feeling Good?

This tends to come as a byproduct of the first. Cholesterol drops, diabetes can get a beatdown, breathing is normal, sleep is better, energy is higher… you name it. Getting into shape and eating right has a huge effect on how you feel day in and day out. It’s a huge boost for confidence and an awesome way to bolster commitment AND the satisfaction of accomplishment. Ultimately, THIS is the reason to keep after your program– feeling good to live your life to its absolute fullest.

Longevity & Loved Ones?

Want to be around a while? I know I do. I’ve got kids– I want to see them grow up and be there with them all along the way. I want to be around to support and enjoy my relationship with my Lady-Friend. I’ve got places to see and summers to soak up. Eating junk and loafing around accumulates fat- fat that makes your heart work harder, messes with your blood sugar levels and generally takes years off your life. Your program will help counteract that– I can tell you the countless stories and examples of folks who’ve committed to a program, taken Shakeology and seen their bodies heal, come off medication and pleasantly surprise their doctors. You can be one of those stories.

A Challenge?

This might be a smaller number of folks– the folks who dive into any new challenge. The folks who see P90X is a tough workout and won’t quit until they’ve mastered it and kicked it up and down the block a few times. Thing about most programs? They can be infinitely challenging as you add weight, intensity and variety. A challenge is a great why– one that feeds into every “why” before it.

Ignite Your WHY Daily

So what’s your why? Ignite it, write it down in plain view for you to remember every day. Displeased with the way you look? Take a picture, tape it and write in big words below “I’m NOT THAT GUY/GIRL”. There’s your why. In it to live a long life for your family and friends? Tape their picture up, write their names down– anything to keep you focused and reaching your goal.

Got any more “whys”? I’d love to hear them. Let’s keep your why ignited or relight it altogether. Let’s keep your WHY alive. Contact me at and/or add me as your free personal coach for extra support and access to “Dan V.’s Fit Spot!” to rally with the help of others who’ve found and continue to pursue their own why. 

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  1. Jim says:

    All of the above. Heavy on the longevity

  2. Noel Price says:

    Great blog D-man!!! Broken down nicely!!!!

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