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Mike Crushes It With P90X and Body Beast Success

If there’s one thing we try to get across here at HDIGF it’s this: Consistency in P90X workouts and nutrition pay off BIG TIME. Not just in how you look but in health. Mike S. is a great example of both.

Overweight, lethargic and ultimately diagnosed with a medical condition as a result, Mike S. decided it was time, kicked excuses out of his vocabulary and focused on doing something to not only make his life better through confidence and real-world ability but as a father, create an avenue where he could be available for his two boys.

Did Mike succeed? See for yourself:


Check out Mike’s story in his own words:

Wake Up Call

On January 30th 2012 I started a new chapter in my life to get fit and healthy.

Being your typical American male who was out of shape, having little or no energy.  I just want to sit on the couch after work, watch TV and best of all order my Friday night extra-large pizza. 

In 2010 after getting my annual wellness check, my doctor ordered a sleep study.  A few weeks later I was told that I tested positive for sleep apnea.   I was now at the heaviest weight (202 lbs) that I have ever been, Not wanting to wear a mask to bed every night for the rest of my life and being a father of two young boys, it was getting difficult to keep up with them. 

It was time to make some new choices to get in shape. 


My son and I started bike riding after school and on the weekends.   We started out doing five mile rides and worked our way up to twenty five mile rides over the next few months. 

 I started looking to add some other type of exercise program along with my bike riding.  I saw a commercial for P90X, and I remembered that I had purchased it over a year before.  After reading over the fitness guide and nutrition guide, I set a start date, ordered all the equipment and did the fit test to see where I was physically.  And of course took my before photos and measurements.

The first few weeks were tough, I think every body part hurt for those few weeks.  A coworker and I started the program on the same day … he quit after the first few days… I was now on my own.   I was determined that I was going to finish the 90 days so there was no giving up. 

P90X Success!

I finished the full 90 day and lost 12 lbs. and 3 % Body fat.  People started noticing the changes and asked what I was doing.  I explained that I was getting up every morning at 3:30am to do P90X.  Still looking to do more I started another round of P90X.   This time it seemed that I was at the store buying new pants every few weeks.  I was still taking my photos every 30 days to compare from month to month, I could not believe the progress that I was seeing.  At the end of my second 90 days I lost another 15 lbs. and 5 % Body fat.

P90X2 +Body Beast = Success Multipliers

Looking to increase the intensity and do something new I decided it’s time to do P90X2.  After a week of recovery I started P90X2 and definitely noticed that this program was way different then P90X, It was very slow at first and I was wondering if I had made the correct choice.  After talking with Coach Dan about my concern, he explained that I needed to master the moves before moving to the next phase.  I ended up doing the full 16 weeks and lost another 10 lbs. and 2% Body fat.  This was the day that I cleaned out my closet and donated over 10 garbage bags of clothes to Goodwill.  I had a pair of jeans that I purchased just one year earlier; I put them on to see if they would still fit.  Needless to say with the jeans buttoned, they literally fell off my waist.

Ready to mix it up again, I went with the Body Beast. 

Starting with the Body Beast Lean which I choose to build more muscle mass and increase my strength. I can tell you that leg day is the best.. All I can say is WOW!  Thank you Sagi!  I watched the amounts of weights that I was using increase from week to week. I could see that my muscles were getting stronger and more defined.  The pump that you get from Body Beast moves are amazing.  I think this is a great program that everyone should try.

After P90X Success: Looking Forward

It has been 15 months since I started my new outlook on life.  At the age of 48, I can tell you that I am in the best shape of my life.  I have more energy, a better outlook on life and greater self-esteem.  I still have my pizza but only for one meal after each 90 day program, this is my reward to myself for doing such an amazing job. 

As for the sleep apnea I can tell you that my test came back negative and I no longer need to wear the mask to bed each night.

As of today I have lost around 40 lbs. and 50% of my Body Fat.

Inspirational… Keep rockin’ it, Mike!

See? you can have your cake and eat it too- that being, looking awesome at the Beach AND gaining your health back. It just takes engagement… and Mike? Mike’s a shining example.

Got progress you’d like to share with the team? Send me your updates (dan @ Truth be told, it’s great for an ego boost and accountability.  Plug in and stay accountable. As a Diamond P90X certified Coach, I’m here with a team to help you do just that. Hit me up at and/or add me as your free personal coach for extra support and exclusive access to the friendly, private and all around kick-butt  “Dan V.’s Fit Spot!”. 

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  1. Denine says:

    I am so proud of you Mike! You look amazing!

    • Donna Lopez says:

      Great job Mike! It’s been a pleasure to witness your transformation over the past year-plus.. You truly are an inspiration!, And an excellent role model for your sons. Keep up the good work! See you in three…: )

  2. H. David Anderson says:

    Fantastic Job Mike! I remember being gone for 3 months and then coming back to work and seeing Mike’s transformation beginning. I said, “What program are you on?!”. His results convinced me to try, and let me tell you it really works. Thanks for the inspiration Mike!


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