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HDIGF Success Stories


Nicki torched 60 lbs. with P90X. Her results must be seen to be believed.


Mike beat sleep apnea and dropped pant sizes like it was going out of style using P90X, P90X2 and Body Beast.


Chase used P90X to go from “Couch Potato Guy” to “My Wife Thinks I’m Hot” Man.


Insanity carved David from normal to outstanding.

Ken 1.0

Ex-Athlete, Ken went from keg to six pack with a focus on nutrition and P90X.

Ken 2.0

If you though Ken’s efforts with P90X rocked, Ken upped his game with P90X2 and made his previous results look amateur.


A student tired of being overweight and wanting to get life under control, Anthony entered Insanity: The Asylum average… and came out athlete.


Fat and tired of it, Dan used P90X, Insanity and Asylum to go from rolly polly to ripped.


Scott’s results are the ultimate- when your Doctor puts you up as an example and you reverse a course set for diabetes? That’s success.

Let’swrite your own success story and get you the support you need to crush your goals. Make me your Beachbody Coach right here for genuine help with P90X or Insanity from a P90X Certified Coach. Got questions? Email me here or at 

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