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Track REAL Progress With This EASY Online Fat Measurement Tool

When it comes to P90X, P90X2, Insanity, Asylum or even Slim in 6 or Hip-Hop Abs, Rule # 1 is this: we’re not targeting weight, we’re  that ooey-gooey muscle mayo hamburger/pizza/soda binges have slathered over your body and packed into spots that make us look less “pleasantly plump” than “lumpy in all the wrong places”. Too much fat is probably what brought you to this site or lit the fire that made your order your home fitness program.

I’ve covered the reason scales are mostly lame and why you’re after fat loss not weight loss. If you haven’t read these posts, make sure you do so you can, as Tony Horton says, “Get Your Mind Right”. Your progress isn’t dictated by scale.

Why Measure Fat?

As it turns out, “fat meltage” through nutrition and following your workout program is one of the best measures of your success and also feeds into the “visual/feel” results we’re after. Losing fat makes your clothes feel “tent-like” and evaporates to reveal the ripped/toned muscle you’re sculpting from working your body through exercise. Measuring your initial body fat percentage and subsequent fat loss will keep you motivated and focused more than any scale will. And while it’s not 100% accurate when doing it yourself (hyper-accurate fat measurements come via a hydrostatic test where you dunk yourself into a vat of water for monitoring by sports science types)– you can get a pretty good idea of where you’re at and where you’re going if you’re consistent (every two weeks or so).

Enough Background… Let’s Measure!

First, you’ll need a fat caliper. They’re the white clipper-looking things you see in the pictures for this post. Fat calipers are inexpensive and readily available at GNC/health stores and you can even get a free one if you order supplements from Heck, even Wal-Mart has them.

Once you have your fat caliper, VISIT THIS PAGE for Linear Software to receive a step-by step breakdown and three different fat caliper tests to get a baseline of your body fat percentage.

Men: Click here and follow the directions.

Women: Click here and scroll halfway down the page for measurements specific for Ladies.

Using the Linear Software site (in the link above) will easily help you calculate and continue to track you body fat percentage until you get it to where you want to be. For infomercial quality, that’s usually in the 6-9% range for dudes and 14-20% range for the ladies.


The trick is to measure the same spot the same way with the same caliper to ensure consistency.

In the mean time, if you haven’t already, get plugged in with support and all the goods to help you achieve the measurements you’re going for. 


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    have been meaning to do an actual measurement for myself… you have motivated me!

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