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Tips On Getting The “Kinks” Out

As with any hard workout program, P90X (or Insanity or even Turbofire) delivers your body a big, gift-wrapped package of abuse–  the good, change-enhancing kind. That’s what we’re after– but we also need to make sure we’re taking care of  areas that may be worked more than others (shoulders, calves, etc.). Mild irritations and soreness are pretty common– after all, athletes spend crazy amounts of time in rehabilitory mode– icing, massaging, stretching, etc. It’s crucial to staying at your peak.

With all the plyo/HIIT stuff I enjoy doing, I find I’ll get “knots” from time to time or “trigger points”. These are simply buildups of protein or calcium/muscle tightness and can come with increased effort of regular intense exercise. They can be pretty sore and are even MORE “ouchie” when you try to work them out–it’s not pleasant– but you can work them out and “recover” in a couple days. I say “recover” because post-release it feels like a VERY sore post-resistance day but really, it’s nothing debilitating.  Point is, your body will talk to you and regular massage, stretching and a foam roller (which P90X2 will use extensively) work can make it all better.

Here’s a great tip video from Beachbody’s Dr. Mark Cheng– a Human Performance Expert. His advice focuses on foot pain but the concept is sound– pain usually originates from somewhere and the source isn’t always where you’re feeling it. The video is Dr. Cheng’s first and a little awkward so cut him some slack because it’s still good stuff:

In the mean time, if you want some help or a GREAT self-massage tool, try The Stick:

The Stick is a simple “wand” with hand grips book-ending a row of PVC rollers/beads you can use to roll over your “achiest” muscles. This gadget allows you to give yourself a deep tissue rub-down, working out kinks and flushing buildup that may contribute to soreness. The Stick website isn’t much to look at, but their product is 120% awesome. You can order The Stick here and watch “The Doctors” discuss and demonstrate its magic right here.

As always, take care of yourself, ensure proper form and keep at it. Your results will be nothing short of awesome. Need help, motivation or advice? Let’s talk. 

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  1. James Garr says:

    The foam roller really helps, and understanding more about trigger points and adhesions has helped my recovery workouts.

  2. Matt Edwards says:

    Foam Roller is my American Express, I never leave home without it!

  3. Danv says:

    I do love the foam roller. The fact it’s included in P90X2 should leave no question as to whether this program is serious or not. And, well… it is.

  4. Romall Smith says:

    can’t wait for mark to bring us tai chi

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