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There’s a Reason P90X and Insanity Always Mention Form…

… and that’s because injuries are the worst. In fact, I’m nursing a back strain right now… and man, it’s frustrating. Not only do injuries hurt, they always seem to come when you’re at your peak, full of motivation and high on results. They can take you out of commission and derail your motivation… and that’s good for absolutely no one. Of course, there’s always ways to work around an injury (if your injury is lower body, work upper and vise versa) but why take chances?

Here’s three things to always stay aware of:

Watch and Learn:

In both P90X and Insanity, Tony Horton and Shaun T. demonstrate the moves and give you audio pointers. A great way to familiarize yourself with the proper form for each move is to give the DVD a watch before you actually do it or, if you’re familiar with the program, rewatch when you have the time. Observe the form and take note of how the movements are made. Watching the video may not burn many calories or build muscle, but it will give you the insight to get started (or continue) right when you do Bring It.


When you’re sopping the floor with perspiration and gasping for air, it can be tough to think about form. Just remember what we’re always reminded “quality over quantity”. It’s HOW you do your lifting and moving that matters more than how many reps you get. Focus on where your knees and feet are and what muscles you’re engaging. Doing Ab Ripper X? Engage those lower abs, not just the uppers. Working a pull up? Think about pulling with your back, not your biceps. Thinking about the specific muscle group you’re trying to work and making a mental connection will throw them in the mix every time.

Put the Ego Down:

You know you’re pulling too much weight when you can’t do a repetition without wiggling, twisting, leaning or incorporating another part of your body to help. That’s “swinging” the weight, jerking the weight, “Kipping” the pullup (when you’re not trying to), etc. This is especially true in P90X resistance. Most of the time, you’ll use your back– bending backward to get that last rep. It’s in these last, ego-soothing moves where things can really be thrown out of alignment and strained. Always remember: “Pick the weight that’s right for you”.  Simply bump it up if you need more.

Of course, even if you’re doing all this, it’s not to say you’ll never face injury. If you’re doing P90X or Insanity (or maybe both) you know they’re tough programs and there’s the potential, like any other physical activity or sport, for injury. Sometimes stuff just happens– and that’s where I’m at for a day or so.  Still, form takes the risks WAY down and puts the work where it needs to be (away from the Advil bottle/chiropractor)… the reps will come with time.

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  1. Leland says:

    hurt my knees in insanity from banging my joints and landing too hard. lesson learned. correct form is the way to go every time.

  2. Matt Edwards says:

    Nothing more frustrating than an injury to stop one’s momentum!

  3. Jim says:

    Form is King Dan. concentrating of form has kept me workout injury free for many years. it took me a long time to learn that lesson, but everyone that works out should read this post and learn from it sooner rather than later like I did.

  4. Sean says:

    Great Post Dan. I have found that using proper form in everything has allowed me to make bigger strength gains than cheating a little to get more weight/reps.

  5. Romall Smith says:

    yea man bad form and not stretching will get you everytime

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