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The Weekend, Fat Loss And How To Make Them Get Along

Another weekend is in the books. Can you chalk it up to a win or is Monday “Ok, I’ll get back on track”/weekend repentance time? Hopefully, your answer is “WIN”… but if it’s not; time to talk.

Let’s be honest: To consistently lose the fat that makes you look lean and ripped, you have to eat right… especially on the weekends. If you binge or take a night out while still short of your goals, you could very well erase all the good you did the previous week.

If this last weekend was lame and one you’d rather not talk about use these tips to get back on the wagon:

Remember Day One

On Day 1 you were serious about your goals and committing for 90 days. Are you going for mediocre? Heck no you’re not! You bought P90X to look like the people who are on the P90X commercials. You bought it to GET RIPPED in 90 days. There’s only 12 weekends in that 90.

Make a Plan

Don’t go into your weekend blind. Got a full day? Since you’re eating every 2-3 hours, you know when you’ll be hungry…Bring a nutrition guide approved snack if you’re on the go. Bring your shaker bottle and a scoop of Shakeology or a protein bar. Planning eliminates the need to eat on the go– one of the ways you can blow a weekend with one meal.

You Don’t Deserve a Reward

Wait, wha? I’m not saying beat yourself up. I’m not saying you’re not doing AWESOME, but the “I deserve to eat this” mentality is a progress killer. Fact is, you DO deserve a reward and that reward is the body you’re dreaming of. Save your naughty “Cheat” meal rewards for when you hit your goal weight or body fat percentage. Heck, by then you probably won’t want it anyway.

Follow The Plan!

If you can eat the way you’re supposed to on weekdays, you can do it on weekends. Nothing changes but your mentality. If you’re serious, you’ll follow the program– especially the nutrition. Don’t sell yourself short!

So hey, that might sound a little hard-nosed but I do it because I care and KNOW you can be successful if you apply yourself. I did it. Tens of Thousands have done it. You can too!!

If you need help with the nutrition and staying dedicated, well– that’s what I’m here for. If I’m not already, make me your coach and we’ll knock this thing outta the park. 


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