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Workout Victory In The Morning

When it comes to the question “What Time Of Day Should I Work Out?” I believe in the following motto and would get it tattooed across my back in hardcore royal lettering if I wasn’t a tattoo wimp: “The best time of day to work out is the time you’ll actually do it”.

That said, for those I coach I’ll ALWAYS recommend getting your workout completed in the morning. After all, “There’s nothing going on an hour before your alarm goes off“.  Even if you work crazy hours, there’s still a “wake-up” time you can get your workout in. All it takes is going to bed an hour earlier. There’s always time for things you make a priority. Always.

But back on track: My big AM workout push isn’t necessarily because there’s some super secret fitness magic your body responds to when it does crank out of bed for an early morning sweat (though there may be added benefits detailed in full here)– it’s because because for many people, working out in the morning reduces chances for failure.

Victory in The Morning Beats Failure At Night

Think about it. How many times do you come home after a hard day of work or school, think of all the things you need to do and promptly kick working out off the list? I’m not saying I blame you (maybe a little but we’re still friends)- it’s tough. You’re now having to jump mental AND physical hurdles and that’s double the effort.

Now flip it- imagine you’re coming home and your workout is…. done. That’s the magic of working out in  the morning. It doesn’t become one of the LAST things you have to do in the day amidst a bunch of other time pressures… it becomes the first.

A morning workout kicks off the day- makes you feel energized, accomplished and all around awesome. And in case you didn’t catch that first item- yes, you feel energized. You aren’t tired– your body is awake and in the game from hour one. And when you hit that pillow at night… you’re going to sleep awesome.

But as mentioned, that’s not even the best part. The best part is you stay on track. You move yourself closer to victory by creating a new habit that doesn’t interfere with all the “gotta do this before I go to bed” things life throws at you on any given day.

You’re A Morning Person… You Just Don’t Know It Yet

Yes, it takes some getting used to the first week or so (and this helps quite a bit) but you’ll be surprised at how quickly you warm up to it. And when  you see those results from being consistent… that’s reward in and of itself.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s a few real life testimonials in case you’re not convinced.

“The last three days I did my workouts in the afternoon/ night. I feel much more tired after doing it later in the day then first thing in the morning at 5. Now I know when works the best for me! I’m loving it!”

“Getting [my workout] out of the way in the morning is dynamite! You get up, get it done, you’re energized the rest of the day and then come bedtime you sleep like a baby. Now, I only do That was my choice to stay consistent and stop letting my “life” schedule and occurrences get in the way of my personal fitness goals.”

It can be done… and you’ll be surprised at how much you may learn to love it.


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