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The Secret Menu of Your Success

I’ll admit… sometimes I get a craving for an In-n-Out Burger.

Say WHA!??

I know that’s dangerous to say as a coach but in my opinion, In-n-Out makes one of the best burgers out there thanks to a “secret menu” and a special spread called “animal style”.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t eat burgers every other day, every week or even every month. Burgers are a “treat/indulgence” that sometimes I just gotta have when my goals are met.

And there’s the rub- when goals are met. So how are you doing on reaching your goals? Is your program sitting on the shelf collecting dust or is the jacket scratched and scuffed from continued use?

I hope it’s scuffed up– it means you’re using it. It means you’ve committed to getting fit, focusing on your nutrition and replacing the old, tired and frustrated you with the new, fit, healthy and energized you!

But what if you’ve fallen off the bandwagon?

You need the “secret menu”. The “unknown” sauce that makes your journey the best you’ve ever had.

So here’s that “secret menu”– and it’s an easy one: Fitness, Nutrition, Support.

  • Fitness: You already have the fitness. It’s all sweat and fun sandwiched  in a box labeled P90X, Insanity, Turbofire or Brazil Butt Lift.
  • Nutrition: You already have the nutrition- it’s laid out in your nutrition guide. It’s in Shakeology. It’s slathered all over and in personalized answers I’m happy to provide you as your Coach.
  • Support: You already have the support- it’s with me (or could be)! It’s in Dan V’s Fit Spot on Facebook and its dedicated members. It’s on the Team Beachbody Message Boards. It’s in Challenge Groups. Challenge Groups like Phoenix P90X who are killing it with their workouts. Like P90X Ladies who are encouraging one another when the going gets tough. It’s in The Juggernauts who’ve achieved results both in and out that would put some of the best transformations to shame. And it’s in the Body Beast Challenge starting August 13!!

Stop messing around and flailing in the dark and using dumb excuses to feel good about coming up short. Use the secret menu that’s right in front of you!!

The secret menu works. I’m here to help you make it work.

And when you’ve used it and applied it, you’ll look back and wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Your dedication and commitment is worth the reward. I promise.

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