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The Fitness Two FAQ: Calorie Bumps & Recovery Formula

It’s the Fitness 2 F-A-Q comin’ atcha. You know… the semi-regular feature where I answer questions I receive from awesome people like yourself? Yeah, yeah! Let’s get to it. This segment I’ll be touching on a couple items near and dear to many fitness hearts- the food they eat and the beverage they use for recovery.

Scared About Calories & Eating Too Much

Question: I know I need to add more calories now that I’m getting more fit and reaching my goals but I’m terrified of putting on weight and increasing measurements… especially now that I’m so close to my goal!

Answer: Your concern is a real one- one thing I often tell people is to let go and trust the program. I know that sounds strange and scary and like “mystical happy talk” but there’s so much information out there– “Do this, do that…” — it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Add to that the fact once you’ve seen success doing one thing one way (calorie deficit), it’s hard to embrace the next step in adding calories back… a change that will continue your trend of success.

So, in short. Trust me. Trust the program. For many people, a calorie deficit is a nice comfort blanket but fact is, if you’re cutting down to 1200 or less, you are not getting enough food. At that kind of deficit, there’s a very real possibility your body is slowing its fat shedding due to your limited food intake- thinking it’s starving and holding the mayo you want to lose as a reserve. Show your body you’re not starving… adjust to its changing needs. As your metabolism kicks up and your workouts cause your body to require more energy, your body will burn through your food and NOT immediately store what you eat fat, instead processing it in a way that benefits you. Win win. Eat more, lose more!

Keep in mind, many people can go up 500 calories and STILL be at a fat-burning calorie deficit– but it becomes a deficit that gives your body more of a reason to continue shedding fat. If you’re hungry, it’s because your body is telling you it needs more fuel. That’s a good thing!! Keep in touch with me- we’ll adjust your calories as needed and make sure you’re dialed in to where you need to be for success!

There’s also my favorite caveat:  The scale should never be your measurement for success. It’s simply telling you your weight at the moment. A scale will never ever tell you your fat weight. So use your progress pictures and how your clothes fit because weight will fluctuate and that’s very normal. But what it isn’t is an indicator of your success.

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Recovery Formula

Question: I love the Recovery Formula. Should I use it with every workout?

Answer: Short answer: No.

The Recovery Formula, by definition, is a 4:1 (4 parts simple carbs to 1 part protein) supplement that improves recovery after a long hard workout that depletes glycogen stores. To replenish those glycogen stores, (ie- stored sugar), Recovery Formula is stright sugar with a piggy-backing protein protein, some vitamins and minerals. As you might have noticed in some of the P90X workouts, Tony Horton sometimes uses it in a smaller serving that’s a little more watered down. Since the Recovery Formula is simple sugars, it provides almost immediate energy. Think the “gel shot” philosophy.

I’ve used it in my workouts and it actually helps with energy but I do caution that Recovery formula should only be used when it’s being “earned”- IE: when you feel “spent”, “bonked” or have worked HARD for an hour plus. Yoga, while difficult in its own right, isn’t quite there. But a serious workout like Plyometrics followed by ab ripper? Enjoy.

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