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Why I’m A P90X & Beachbody Loyalist: Reason #23

It should be pretty obvious that as an Independent Beachbody Coach, I’m a pretty big believer in– and supporter of– Beachbody’s fitness products and supplements. That’s not to say I exclude all others (I don’t– hello Quest bars and trips to the gym for fun) but I have a laundry list of reasons I’m a fan.

Simply put– hype aside– Beachbody’s training programs are second to none. While they’re obviously sold and do make a profit for the company, the programs aren’t just thrown together for a quick buck. Beachbody’s programs (P90X, Asylum, etc.) are designed, tested and based on sports science principles. In reading through P90X certification, the book is jammed with charts, numbers and sports-sciencey (yawny?) based research that went into the program’s development. Stuff you just don’t see in the glossy sales presentation.

So here’s unofficial reason #23 as to why I remain a Beachbody Training Program Loyalist courtesy of Beachbody’s Training program mastermind Steve Edwards:

I write up scientific evaluations on all of our workout programs. We need these in foreign television markets who aren’t as liberal as the United States when it comes to what you can advertise on TV. Marketing slogans, such as muscle confusion, won’t fly unless they can be scientifically defined and, of course, all of our programs are based on training principles so this is easy—they just don’t always make sexy copy. So, anyway, the scientific advisor board (or whatever it’s called) in the UK, upon reading my definition of how P90X was a targeted performance and that body composition changes came as a natural extension, came back and asked us why we didn’t advertise it that way because they thought it sounded impressive.

While many people buy in on the sexy, I tend to buy in on both. The fact P90X and it’s leaner, meaner and more refined offshoot P90X2 was created to improve performance and NOT as a “sexy body” program (that just happens incidentally through the course of training) is a credit to its ultimate design and integrity as a program.

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