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Take Your Before Photo– A Picture Worth 7,425 Crunches

Before you’re done with P90X, you’ll have done 7,425 ab moves– but if there’s one thing you need to do before you officially start P90X or any other Beachbody program, it’s getting down to bathing suit attire and taking pictures of yourself.

Nobody likes being reminded they’re out of shape (let alone looking at a photo of it) but taking a before picture is critical to gauging your process before you start P90X. It’s not comfortable, but it’s eye opening, a great motivator and a fantastic measuring stick.  As you take your “before” pictures, just remember– that’s the OLD you. As of your first workout on Day 1, that guy/girl doesn’t exist any more and 90 days down the line, you’ll know it’s the truth.

So how do you go about taking a “before” picture? First, it’s what you’re comfortable with. If you’re a guy and uncomfortable hitting the Speed-O like me, a pair of basketball shorts work fine. While it may not show the weight loss you’ll see through the thighs and hips, guys care more about pecs, biceps and six packs and with your shirt off, there shouldn’t be any problems there. For the ladies, again– what’s your comfort level? A sports bra can keep things gym-modest if you’re uncomfortable in a swimsuit. The important thing is being able to see your potential your problem areas and taking visual stock of them at Day 30, 60 and 90.

Once you grab a tripod and set your timer (or have a friend, spouse or family member as your photographer) pick a place, strike your poses and save the shots.


Where isn’t as important as finding a place with a background that’s not too distracting (I picked my room for the before pics and my “workout dungeon” in the basement for afters). Pick a wall or a door without a lot of clutter or things hanging on the wall and go from there. You’ll also want to take your picture in a room with a decent amount of light. The flash on your camera will help, but natural light makes a generally more pleasing picture and you want to actually see what you look like.

The Poses:

When you pose for your picture, be natural. I can be a goof-off, so my shenanigans are pretty true to form. A few recommended “poses” will help:

  • Straight on, with your hands at your sides.
  • Side (both right and left), with hands at your sides.
  • Back facing camera, with hands at your sides.
  • Face camera while flexing your biceps.
  • Back toward camera while flexing your biceps.

And there you have it– Done and done. Repeat the process every 30 days (after your rest week) until your 90 day mark and– if you stick to the program and bring it– prepare to see some pretty awesome changes! 

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