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Take Progress Pictures (Especially Your “Before”)

Admit it- pictures of ourselves are something we have a total love-hate relationship with. Think about it- on one hand you have the “”oh, that’s a terrible picture of me!” reaction where you’re willing to burn and run an 18-wheeler over both the pic and the device that took it. IE- , that “hate” part. On the other, an “oh, that’s a good picture of me” reaction is will have you filling social media feeds with “good side” pics and various poses (duck face optional).

Of course, when starting out in a fitness program like Asylum, Body Beast or Turbofire, most “before” pictures are pretty much going to fall into that “hate” category. After all, this is you being relatively vulnerable- showing a perceived weakness, something you don’t consider your “good side” with all your Photoshop hidden “trouble spots” in tow.

I get it. It’s not all that fun.

But get this:

Before Pictures Are Commitment Pictures

The way you see yourself in the mirror is a matter of perspective. I point that out to say we’re always our worst critics. And that’s EXACTLY WHY you MUST take before and after pics and in many cases post them to your coach or accountability group. You’re not doing it to say “OH YEAH! I ROCK THIS JELLY ROLL!” No… you’re doing it to create an action that gets you over the hump of hiding behind self-imposed shame and pics that may be more flattering or even years old.

Before pics are NOT to wrap ourselves in a warm blanket of justification that things start “tomorrow” but instead act as a kick-starter, a reality check and better yet a way to plant a seed where you can be proud of yourself and the direction you’re going TODAY with your commitment to your program. Before pictures are to say, “This is where I am… but this is NOT where I’m going to be in 30, 60, 90 days”.

In short, “Before” and “Progress” pictures are this:

  • A commitment to yourself, your team and those you love that you’re not the old you.
  • A step into accountability. No more hiding.
  • A motivator. In 60-90 days, do you want to look back and see no difference? Heck no. The minute you take your picture, you’re moving away from it. That’s a good thing!
  • A motivator squared: There’s nothing like seeing positive change when comparing to pictures to keep you moving forward and committed.
  • A reference point on progress when scales fail you (and at one point or another, they will fail you).
  • A marker that will show you your nutrition and hard work ARE paying off.
  • And if you submit them to Beachbody, your pictures can earn you some serious cash.

I hope you can see there’s real power in taking your before and progress pictures as you undertake and pursue your fitness goals with a Beachbody fitness program. As you push out of your comfort zone with your before pictures (aka- accountability pictures), you WILL discover that moment of picture discomfort is all worth it when it helps you decide, commit and ultimately succeed.

Now break out of your comfort zone and achieve success!

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