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Six Things To Do Before Starting P90X

P90X2 is in the hopper and chomping at the bit to hit up the nearest Fed-Ex Truck for express delivery right to your door… which makes now (Three months until January 1st) the perfect time to kick off a new round of P90X in preparation for P90X2. Whether it’s your first time or fifth, there’s a laundry list of five items I always recommend doing before you strike out on a 90 day training round of the “x”.

Take Your Measurements

“How do you know how you’re doing if you don’t know where you’ve been?” Measuring your current status in performance (through the fit test– how high can you jump, etc.), weight (as a baseline, not as a measure of fat loss) and measurements give you the launching pad reference points you need so when you’re in at Day 30 looking back you can see the progress you’ve made and use that as motivational fuel. Not taking note of where your starting point is can be one of the first signs of potential “sputtering” out in the weeks ahead.

This also includes taking your “before” pictures. I know it’s not fun but do it anyway. Looking back, you’ll be glad you did. And Beachbody infomercials LOVE those before and afters… and you’re out to get into one, aren’t you?

PLAN Your 90 Days

P90X takes commitment. It’s not a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants program that lets you wing it day by day. If you choose to “take each day as it comes”, you’ll fail wash out of the program or come out the other side disappointed. I’ve seen it time and time again. And that’s why I love this program so much– P90X is a complete program that’s built to hold your hand with workouts AND nutrition. Read through the nutrition guide and KNOW what you’ll be eating every few hours for breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner all week. The P90X Nutrition Guide is awesome for this and there’s nothing wrong with becoming a “creature of habit”. If you find something you like, stick with it. As an example, I eat virtually the same thing day in day out for every work day of the week (weekends I can be a bit more creative):

  • Breakfast: Shakeology (mixed with peanut/almond butter and a scoop of whey/egg white protein)
  • Morning Snack: Fage Greek yogurt
  • Lunch: Leftovers OR Turkey sandwich w/sandwich thin OR Ezekiel bread and dijon mustard + green salad
  • Afternoon snack: Quest Bar + Scoop whey and sugar snap peas
  • Dinner:  Lately something Vegan we cook up– previously something like a Feta Burger, Burrito  (with a vegetable) or fish with quinoa and a salad/vegetable.

In short, I know what I’m eating and have things planned out so I’m never hungry and wanting to binge at the nearest fast food joint. This helps, promise.

As a side note, print your workout sheets so you have them ready and on hand when you begin your workouts. Nothing is more motivating than seeing your pullup and pushup count increase and nothing sets a better challenge than seeing what you did the week before and trying to knock out a few more.

Exorcise the Food Demons

Get rid of your junk and temptations. Feed them to the dog, your sister, brother or the big-mouthed tub out back you throw all your other junk in… IE–the garbage can. By clearing our your fridge and pantry, you’re sure to kick future temptation in the pants and force yourself to eat what you have on hand– which should be good, clean food… not easy to munch stuff in a box.

Hit The Grocery Store

Once you know what you need to eat, hit up the grocery store with this laundry list or the grocery list the P90X Nutrition Guide actually gives you. Knowing what you need will avoid you picking up crap that will throw you off track. And be sure to go with a full stomach so you’re not tempted to throw in that “secret” bag of Oreos.

Watch P90X

Give the workouts a once-through so you’re familiar with the moves and don’t have to waste time rewinding. Pausing in the workout is one thing but you want to keep a decent pace as you’re actually going through the workout. Get to know what the Swimmer’s Press is all about, moving pushups, Pike press, decline pushups, etc. so you can have the equipment you need on hand as you start. Plus, it’s not so scary when you know what’s coming. Wink, wink.

Make The Decision

Success in P90X is all mental– it’s now you need to “flip the switch”. Visualize your success. KNOW you’re going to complete the program no matter what. KNOW you’re going to slam the door on excuses and commit for 90 days. KNOW your comebacks when you’re offered junk food (and you will be) and your plan of attack when you have to eat out. By making the decision now and really, truly committing, you’ll be equipped with the mental toughness to put off the temptations that are going to come at you like a crazed spider-monkey throughout your P90X journey. It’s not easy, but knowing you’re committed will make it all worth it.

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