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Simplify With Beachbody Home Direct

While eating whole clean foods is important, I’m also a supplement guy. Not only do they fill in nutritional gaps to help with workout performance and weight loss, they also make it all kinds of convenient to reach transformation and macronutrient goals. And that’s straight awesome.

We’re big fans of Shakeology and the P90X Results and Recovery Formula. If you’ve ordered either of these items through Beachbody, you’ve probably noticed the (awesome) “Home Direct” option. If not, you’ve probably had me recommend you get cracking on it. So what’s that all about?

Home Direct is a “set and forget” auto-ship program that allows you to have your “key” supplements delivered every 30 days without having to think about it. It’s why we always have a steady supply of Shakeology or Results and Recovery Formula in house. Instead of ordering every month or when I’m scraping the bottom of the bag, I receive a regular delivery from the UPS guy (aka- The Brown Santa) and a brand new tub/package of the good stuff.

Here’s why I’m using– and totally recommend– recommend Home Direct:

1) No worries about running out of your supplement and treading water for a few days. Your order ships and is at your door without having to think about it– allowing you to keep on keepin’ on with fueling your body and meeting your nutritional goals.

2) I’m buying supplements every month anyway– automatic billing is already figured into my budget.

3) Free shipping. No paying a shipping fee every time I order… I pay for the product and that’s it.

4) I can cancel or switch out products at any time. If the budget gets tight I can simply call in to Beachbody Customer Support and put my order on hold or cancel. Same goes for adding or removing products. Just call up, make the request and BAM. Done and done.

5) All Beachbody supplements are available including Shakeology, Whey Protein and the P90X Results and Recovery Formula.

Signing up for Home Direct is easy peasy:

  1. Log in to your Team Beachbody account. If you don’t have one, you can sign up here for either a FREE account or upgrade to the Club Membership ($3 a week) that pretty much pays for itself by giving you 10% off all products… INCLUDING programs like Insanity, TurboFire, Slim in 6 and P90X.
  2. Click the Store link (button).
  3. On the Products page, click Home Direct. Jackpot. Simply select the supplements you’d like and you’re on your way.

If you’re not on Home Direct, get crackin’! 

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