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Seeing Results: Your Body Is Not Every Body

Holy Moly! You’ve seen the ads and You Tube videos and watched as folks go from soft, everyday Joes and Sallies to Men’s Fitness/Self cover models. You want the same results (and rightly so!), jump into the program and at some point along the way go… “Wait… what? I don’t look like that dude/girl…”

So begins the tricky quest for TV quality results. And while most everyone can achieve them, the most important thing to remember when starting your program is this: YOU’RE NOT THEM. You don’t know where they started– the dude you want to emulate may have been a 6’4″ college football player with loads of muscle memory (IE– the easier ability to build muscle to previous levels) and 18% body fat compared to your 23% . The woman who looks incredible now may have been at her program for over three cycles or may have stuck to the Fat Shredder nutrition plan for four months straight.

And while every experience may be different, yours is the one that matters. Some individuals may progress quickly and others may not see change until day 60. In the beginning, some may gain weight or retain water, some may be so sore they can hardly move their arms and others still may find themselves energized while someone else could be dog-tired by noon. In short, it just means you’re you– and while the path to the goal may vary, if you dedicate yourself  to the program and nutrition the end result can be the same!

In other words, focus, do the workouts every day and try your hardest to bring it and dig deep. Eat clean, follow and track your nutrition recommendations and calorie goals and keep focused on where you want to be, not the self-defeating window of where you DON’T want to be.

Sure, setting goals and having a body type ideal is critical but patience and comparing today with where you started is the key to winning the “I make this swimsuit look good” fight. And you, my friend… are going to win this fight.

*Image courtesy of Ralling and Deviant Art 

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