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Planning Is Critical To Your Fitness Success

“Fail to plan, plan to fail”. I used to think that line was overly dramatic stuff reserved for crowded halls full of people seeking self-improvement and pats on the back– and while it’s not ALWAYS true, when you’re looking at torching fat, building muscle, getting toned and looking/being fit, there’s definitely something to it.

“A Plan” is one of the biggest reasons I’m such a fan of P90X, Insanity, Asylum and all the Beachbody workout programs– they’re “plug and play” with a plan laid out for you. All you have to do is follow it. Those who don’t often wonder where they’re going wrong while those who do tend to crush it. Still, within that plan there’s “micro-planning”…

Before you get nervous, it’s just like anything else you want to succeed at. I’ve never been a super-planned guy, which is why P90X works so well for me… and it’s lead to some great habits. When you go to a day at the beach or take a vacation, head to the grocery store or even go for a night out– you most likely have a plan. You pack what you need to wear, what you’re going to eat, where you’re going. If you’re shopping, you have a grocery list, the stores you’re hitting up, how much time you think it’s going to take and the time you plan to start. P90X (or any other program) is no different. Here’s how to make sure, with a little planning and foresight, you can make your journey a booty-kicking success:

Know What Time You’re Working Out:

Nothing can derail you as quickly as simplyplanning a nebulous “I’ll work out tomorrow”. Without a time that becomes habit, you’re winging it– and winging it usually leads to procrastination and missed opportunity. The morning workout might get done in the afternoon when you kinda think you’re going to do it and then sleep in. That “I’ll pick it up in the afternoon” gets pushed back to “tonight” when things come up and “tonight” takes a dive down the toilet when you’re frazzled and just want to relax. Pick a workout time and stick with it. No doubt things may come up and you may need to make adjustments some days, but overall… Know when you’re going to work out (I always recommend mornings as there’s nothing going on an hour before your alarm goes off) and stick to it.

Know Your Workout Next Day:

P90X comes with a planned workout calendar. And while it’s easy to just look at it and think “Oh, it’s Plyometrics today”– knowing the workout before hand allows you to visualize the time frame the workout will take up and prep yourself for what to expect. Some workouts may be funner than others– knowing what you’re going into the next day will allow you to mentally get ready for whatever’s next and how you plan on tackling it.

Know What You’re Eating:

You knew this was coming! If you want to nail your goals and torch fat, build muscle or get toned like the program results you signed on for, you must, must, must know what you’re eating on a given day. The nutrition guides make it easy and even if you choose to be more flexible, they give you a great blueprint and ballpark to make your own substitutions. Is knowing what to eat throughout the day a bit of a lifestyle change? Yeah, it is. But so is the program you’re doing and so is doing what it takes to succeed.

If you don’t pack a lunch or have snacks on hand, you’re setting yourself up for the temptation of eating out and blowing your nutritional progress. How Do I Get Fit has a wide range of easy recipes and snack ideas, as does our Facebook group Fit Spot! Plug in and use them to make your nutritional success easy, portable and effective!

If you ever have questions, I’m here to answer them– I’ve received calls from people who had to eat out asking their best option. I love taking those calls so if ever in doubt, hit me up.

Know Your Schedule So You Can Plan Through It:

Knowing your schedule day by day goes hand in hand with knowing what you’re eating. If you’re going to be out at the kids soccer games all morning, running errands all afternoon, traveling, on vacation or even just going to work, plan accordingly. I cover the vacation/travel aspect here in a lot of detail but as for work or a day or an afternoon where you may be away from home or out of the “regular schedule”– PLAN. That could be as simple as this:

  • You know you’re eating breakfast at home– oatmeal, eggs, some berries… whatever you like and can prepare. In a rush? Shakeology. Bam, done.
  • Out the door– you know you’ll need a morning snack so take a scoop of Shakeology with a scoop of protein powder in a shaker cup. Maybe a protein bar or two. Maybe some jerky with some portable veggies and an apple.
  • Need lunch? If you’ll be home by then, no worries. If you think you’ll still be on the road, bring carrots, sugar snap peas and protein bar.

See what I mean? The trick is to know when you’ll be away from a prepared meal and just have something at the ready when you know you’ll be hungry or want to eat. A protein bar to knock down hunger is always  better than splurging on crap or going hungry. Don’t walk out the door without knowing how you’re going to fuel your nutrition that day. If you MUST eat out, there’s always options if you need them, you just have to discipline yourself to choose them. You know what’s junk and what’s not– and if there’s ever a question, like I’ve said, I’m here.

Need a plan or the support for sticking with one? I’ve got you covered. Sign up with me for free right here

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